How do you Kill That Which has no Life?

BeefJack writes: "Taiwan is a crazy place. I've never been, but I'm pretty sure they have space cowboys and super computers running the place. I say that because it's obvious Taiwanese society has advanced to the point that citizens have enough leisure time to do whatever they want. Beat World of Warcraft? Done! Cure cancer? When we get to it."

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Why Dat3303d ago

Very good article, however I noticed these types of World of Warcraft articles tend to always hit on the race issue.

I mean... is it really that important to know the person's race? Isn't it more important to note how long he/she has played, and maybe the focus on the skills it requires to get some of those achievements (obviously some of those achievements aren't easy to get).

I'm just saying... my fellow N4Gers. It's like me pointing out how great an African American is at a NBA Live 09 or.... A Brazilian at FIFA 09, etc, etc.

bacon133303d ago

It does not take any skills to do what this person did. All it takes is an abnormally huge amount of time playing a game that is highly addictive and sub standard along with no other responsabilities to the outside world. I would put money on the fact that this WOW "champion" has no job or source of income, is socially inept and addicted to the game. I should know, I've seen friends who have played the game proabably a fraction of what this waste has and they through thier lives out the door. Being a video gamer for over 20 years I have no praise for this person only pity.

robotnik3303d ago

Don't worry, there are people from all the nations that are addicted to MMORPGS.

Let's hope this guy realizes that what he is doing is unhealthy and do something about it.

Playing games is fun, however it can be dangerous if you play too much.

Why Dat3301d ago

Fair enough. It's just disappointing to see some forums (not just N4G) always hitting up the "race card"...

Thanks for the replies. Bubbles to you both.

UltimateSin3303d ago