These games sold like crap in Japan

Retailer makes a list of the top ten unprofitable games in Japan. Blood of Bahamut is number 1. Monster Hunter 3 is number 2.

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iforgotmylogin3301d ago

blood of the bahmut omg i hope it comes here :/

this list is iffy to me. but not everything can be profitable videogames isnt some magical land where everything sells and makes you rich

SpoonyRedMage3301d ago

It isn't a list of bad selling games, it's a list of games that retailers didn't make much money off. It seems Capcom made a lot of money of MH Tri but retailers didn't because of Capcom's shipping policy.

Blood of Bahamut was killed by Dragon Quest IX like how Cross Treasures doesn't stand a chance being only two weeks before FFXIII.

3301d ago