Real Girlfriend screens make me feel physically sick


"Real Girlfriend is yet another in a long line of Japanese erotic games, except this one is slightly more advanced than your usual wad of glorified hentai. This particular game joins the twenty-first century with 3D graphics, widescreen pictures and webcam facial tracking. Advanced stuff, I'm sure you'll agree.

However, it does not always go according to plan.

These screenshots are apparently what happens if your PC is not up to snuff. Whatever they are, these images are some of the most unsettling and grotesque I have ever seen. If Real Girlfriend is supposed to be erotic, then it has failed, because my penis just ingested itself after witnessing images of what is quite clearly God's cruelest mistake."

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FishCake9T43180d ago

Are there any real woman in Japan? Seriously these games are not even funny any more.

Maddens Raiders3180d ago

and a great smile to go with it - you know to take your mind off the forest on your screen.

Homicide3180d ago

Japanese man prefer 2D over real ones.

zagibu3180d ago

Actually, they do have a problem with sexuality in Japan, it's not just a good subject for a joke. Lowest birth rate on the planet.

nycredude3180d ago

What sexuality problem are you refering to. Last I check in America (Where i live mind you) you still can't show a nipple in a game without the entire country shutting down to write articles bashing the misplace sexuality in games and how it ruining the lives and future of america kids and how it will advance the global warming problem.


f7897903180d ago

Boobs glitched to being cones sitting in the air.

shawnsl653180d ago

scary... mike myer's girlfriend..

ChickeyCantor3179d ago

"Seriously these games are not even funny any more."

Who said it was suppose to be funny?

PinkUni3179d ago

its funny how many racist ideas there are about japan and japanese people on a gaming site

people love super mario, but apparently the people who make the games are supposedly anti social can never get a girlfriend and have small penises so their whole country has to be lumped into this stereotypical category

what a fcking joke

FACTUAL evidence3179d ago

That's why it's better to have a "Real girlfriend" instead of a simulation.

anh_duong3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

sometimes people take computer games too far..

Guido3179d ago

Thanks for the article. Do you know where I can sign up for this sex volunteer job? You know, it's for posterity.

rockleex3179d ago

I should go over there and satisfy all their needs, but not their bills though.

sikbeta3179d ago

Me too... hentai FTW!!! /jk

This really Freak Me Out... anything funny here...

bozebo3179d ago

why do they think low birth rate is a problem?
Do they honestly think it is going to get to the state where there are like 300 people left there? lol

the world population could get too high, we have the japanese to thank for helping reduce the issue. But the birth rate will turn around, countries' birth rates always fluctuate thats just the way it is. Just like global climate, when it is at a peak or trough everyone starts crapping themselves; calm down it's meant to happen - and stop making money off it and scaring people u retards.

the only reason japan would need more people is if they wanted to take over the world... again... and they'd need more than 180 million or whatever, their country wouldnt support that many, so whats the issue?

bakasora3179d ago

Apart from the face, the body render looks great, better than the previous installment. The breast looks more natural.

zagibu3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

@bozebo: There are two points you should consider...
1. If less children are born, there will be less adults to have children in the future, so the decrease is actually more drastic than one would assume when reading a number of 1.3. It also means that an inversion of the trend takes a lot of time, or big changes in the respecting culture. Consider the situation: few young, fertile people have to produce a lot of children AND work to pay taxes that support the huge population of old people.
2. A stable population is maintained with a rate of around 2.1, which means Japan is almost 1 child per woman away from just maintaining their current population.

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The_Devil_Hunter3180d ago

I wonder how the women feel in Japan....pathetic.

hay3180d ago

I'd love to make them feel better. (Wait for it!) If you know what I'm saying ;)

benny o klaatt3180d ago

They have pixellated vaginas. It would hurt!

Hideo_Kojima3180d ago

Well if you have a good enough PC you can use anti aliasing to smooth out the pixels.

benny o klaatt3180d ago

kinda missing the point guntrol...... ;)

stb3180d ago

I would hit that pixelated pssy u r referring to.

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dkgshiz3180d ago

It is very creepy. People who get turned on by 2d avatars need help right away.

Cobex3180d ago

*reads comment......looks at avatar......reads comment again. lol joke :)

ChickeyCantor3179d ago

"It is very creepy. People who get turned on by 2d avatars need help right away"

...everyone has his fetish, we all need help?

mricecreamman3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

lol got you guy's attention with the avatar. that was the whole point. you people are the sick people

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TheBand1t3180d ago

Sleazy whore used STD!


Your HP is draining!

You have died!

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