GamingHeaven: Game of the Year 2009 Awards

GamingHeaven writes: "Well, here we are again. The year is about to end, the biggest titles have been raining down on us with the fierceness of a scorned woman and all us helpless gamers can do is to sell a kidney and oblige the industry machinery. But let's be honest, we wouldn't have it any other way.

2009 was an odd year. If you remember 2008, you will recall that regardless of your genre preferences, you had plenty of great games to play. And with uncanny insight, we predicted that the year would be hard to beat. So we stand here, 12 months further down the road and nod at our predictions."

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wogsy3272d ago

I honestly cant decide between Batman AA, Borderlands and Street Fighter4..

All 3 were fantastic gaming experiences.. Some had more of a lifespan then others but quality of experience is more important then hours spent playing.. Batmans single player was amazing, Borderlands co-op was amazing and SF4 revitalised the beat em up genre and still gets played by me. I honestly cant decide between them 3..

MW2 will probaly win though:(