Modern Warfare + Star Wars = Galactic Warfare

YourEMGN Writes: "We just found one of the most amazing mods you can come across. It's a complete conversion mod named "Galactic Warfare" for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The mod gives completely new maps, buildings and environments all inspired by the Star Wars series."

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Madusha3032d ago

That is so freaking awesome! A great gift for X-Mas :D Really can't wait to get my hands on this crazy mod.

Battlefield3032d ago

'Galactic Warfare' love the name

Valay3032d ago

Seems like a neat mod.

Cosquae3032d ago

And this is what MW2 misses out on by dropping mods from the PC version...

Want to take bets on which game is being played more a year from now, CoD4 or MW2?

PinkUni3032d ago

is if infinity ward made people pay for this

modern warfare engine

buy the game, and there u have the engine

pay 20 dollars and get full games running from dlc on that engine

cuts costs tremendously on game, never have to replace ur disk, never have to load a new game

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Nihilism3032d ago

Seeing shots like this makes me want battlefront 3 even more, december 8th people lucasarts next game announced, if it isn't Battlefront 3 or kotor 3...i'll have my molotovs ready

Madusha3032d ago

I'm hoping it's Battlefront 3

DeadlyFire3032d ago

Its most likely Force Unleashed 2 or Battlefront 3. I would hope for Battlefront 3, but you never know with Lucasarts.

Kizwiz63031d ago

Force Unleashed was fun, but I doubt they would announce a sequel because it just wouldn't fit into the plot...
The game is set after Revenge of the Sith and finishes into A New Hope, so they will have to think of a new character and everything.
But George Lucas could probably come up with something in that crazy imaginative mind of his.

ChrisW3032d ago

It looks exactly like StarWars BattleFront II, grenades and all. I wonder how they were to able to perfectly mod the SWBFII maps and character models into MW2!?! The guns and the icons above the heads are the only things that hint at it being MW2...

Honestly, I'll be skeptical about it until it's officially released!

Cosquae3032d ago

How did they mod everything into MW2? Simple... it's NOT MW2.

It's CoD4. Mods on MW2 aren't allowed, no mod tools were released and there are no dedicated servers on which to play said mods.

As for how they managed to mod CoD4 into Star Wars? There are a lot of good modders out there.

ChrisW3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Ooops! : )

I'm not normally this dumb, honestly!!!

Quickstrike3032d ago

This is why I wish I had a good computer that could play Modern Warfare. To be honest my computer might be able to handle it but not very well :(

darkmurder3032d ago

good computer not needed

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The story is too old to be commented.