Game Informer: Enslaved Preview

One hundred and fifty years into the future, there are no wars. Not because we stopped fighting – there are no longer enough people left to fight wars. With humanity nearly extinct, once-great cities teeming with people now lay empty and overrun by nature. Giant mechanical airships troll across the countryside, snatching up the remaining inhabitants and carting them out west. You lived a lonely life, always on the run, always one step ahead of the machines – until she came along. She inserted herself into your life and disrupted everything. Now she wants you to be her protector. She wants you to travel beside her and safeguard her on a long journey back to her village. You are going to do as she asks. Not because you want to. Not because you like her. But because if you don't, the small headband strapped to your skin will shatter your skull. You must obey. You are enslaved.

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Serjikal_Strike3300d ago

Heavenly in gameplay and should end up being a great game..hopefully!