Raging Nerds: 10 Games that Need Sequels

The ending of a great game can be bittersweet. It can be a joyous event that brings all of the story together and brings a solid end to the experience. As good as these endings can be, there is one problem. It is the end.

So now what do you do? Do you move on to another game and try to hold on to the memory of the last? Or do replay the game to experience it again? Well, no matter what you do, you will no doubt be longing for the sequel. Here are 10 games (in no particular order) that need sequels… NOW!

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RememberThe3573276d ago

Lost Odyssey 2 would be great if it had a battle system that was actually fun.

Mirror's Edge is a good pick too. I think that game had so much potential DICE just needs another time around to get it completely right this time.

Megaton3276d ago

100% agree on Okami needing a REAL sequel, not some portable crap that isn't even made by the same people. I really want a sequel for Bully too.

Beast_Master3275d ago

Terrible list.. Most games on the list have sequels in Zelda's case almost 20 sequels. What a joke list.

Darkstorn3275d ago

Why did they not include Call of Cthulhu? The best survival horror game ever made (IMO) deserves a sequel, perhaps in another of Lovecraft's backdrops.

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Tony P3276d ago

I'll take a new Windwaker. Definitely take a Portal sequel too. And I'd like to enjoy my next TES offline, thanks.

RedSky3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Portal sequel was revealed accidentally in an interview, so expect it with HL2:EP3.

kraze073276d ago

Good list. I'm pretty sure I remember hearing the next Elder Scrolls game is going to be released on next-gen consoles. Can't remember the source of this info though. I just hope it stays single player.

BldyShdw3275d ago

I would kill for HL3

Sarcastic? I think not. On a serious note I loved all those games so I'm all for sequels.

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The story is too old to be commented.