What Marketing Can And Can't Do With Microsoft's Avatars

Kotaku - We took a look at Microsoft's "Avatar Guidelines" today, the company's set of rules governing how avatars can be displayed in both internal and external (ie, catalogues) marketing programs. And they're more interesting than you think.

Sure, most of it is made up with the kind of stuff only marketing teams and graphic designers need worry about. Asset placement, fonts, that sort of thing.

But amidst all the practical stuff are some points like this, revealing not only Microsoft's underlying "vision" for the little guys, but the kind of restrictions they'll place on their use to ensure that "vision" is achieved. Some of them are understandable! Others, a little...odd. All interesting, however, so we figured we'd share.

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Blaze9293303d ago

too bad the avatars have to looks so damn nice and friendly. I mean, I know its for the casual crowd but sheesh - doesnt mean you gotta make everyone's avatar look so stupid. Wouldve been awesome to have the Chainsaw gun with the gears outfit or other stuff.

I remember hearing about this awhile back, "avatars cant look scary or violent"...gtfo

mastiffchild3303d ago

Avatars and marketing? I don't see why or how but they loves them these bloody avatars at MS don't they? And like Blaze said they are mainly for the casuals(not that there aren't many more serious gamers that like them too)but MS really need to consider that some of us HATE the things. They're too much like Miis, they're too shiny and happy and have a tendency towards looking like slightly camp gap year students. Whatever, there should be a choice for people who REALLY don't like them to just not have one at all.

Then there's these OTT scribblings here and it all gets even odder to me-marketing men hjave a lot to answer for when they actually get me to have a little sympathy for avatars but I don't want whoever dreams all this up in charge of me! I'm more concerned that my avatar looks like one of Dale Winton's imaginary helpers than whether he's got the right coloured mates or not. Besides, no self respecting black avatar would EVER spend time with my self conscious, gimpy effort.

JOLLY13303d ago

I can make my avatars play catch. 40,000 points is hard to get!

maniacmayhem3303d ago

Marketing can't make my male avatar stand up straight!