NGN: Dragon Age Origins PC Review

In essence, Dragon Age is a great RPG from the genre masters BioWare who take the game back to the Dungeons and Dragons lore of times past. Recent efforts of the developer saw us in space with Mass Effect, which was a unique change of pace for the genre but definitely lacked some of the hardcore aspects that fans of RPGs love to have. With Dragon Age, BioWare goes back to the dungeons they first mastered years ago with Neverwinter Nights and its sequel, and they do so with vast success. Not only does Origins have all the stats, character progression and brutal difficulty demanded by the hardcore, it also possesses great accessibility and mostly well-scaled difficulty for newcomers. Disregarding the genre, the story and characters of the game are also worth the price of admission. Simply put, Dragon Age is a fun RPG title with a few little quirks that most players will be able to oversee and enjoy the ride.

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