No Dpad - Rogue Planet Review: An Epic Sci-fi Strategy Game

No Dpad:

The iPhone suffers no dearth of strategy role-playing games, among them such excellent titles as Reign of Swords, Uniwar, Mecho Wars, and the recently released Battle for Wesnoth. It's becoming a crowded genre, but SRPGs are a perfect fit for the iPhone and new entries are welcome. Especially high-quality entries such as Agharta Studio's Rogue Planet.

The story follows the crew of a space vessel returning to Earth after 35 years among the stars. Upon reaching Earth, however, they find themselves under attack and are forced to ground. There they find that Earth is no longer the home they left behind. The story unfolds over the course of 19 campaign missions. The game also includes a Quick Play mode with 34 maps (the 19 campaign maps, and 15 more), playable from the perspective of either army and with three difficulty levels.

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