Dan "Shoe" Hsu Back at EGM, Demian Linn Too

Thought EGM was dead? It's coming back, thanks to original creator Steve Harris. A press release just went out stating that Dan Hsu and Demian Linn, both previous editors of EGM and the creators of Bitmob, will be working for the magazine again.

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squif3299d ago

This is outstanding news!

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Winter47th3299d ago

Reminded me why I stopped buying EGM.

mikeslemonade3299d ago

Shu is biased for the xbox. His favorite games are Forza, Splinter Cell, and Gears. How can one person be so one sided where there's Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, and Uncharted. All three have better graphics.

ReservoirDog3163299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I know! It's preposterous! Some people have different tastes? Never.

Also graphics > everything.

That was sarcasm by the way.

Also, I do agree with you that MGS4 and Uncharted is better than SP and Gears. Don't like racing games, so can't comment. But some people just like different things.

edit: @ baum below,

Haha, wow. I'm all for overlooking the little things and stuff but wow. He ripped the game in every way and still gave it a perfect.

Skip_Bayless3299d ago

Well Graphics are a value you can judge where as gameplay varies too much. And I hate how Dan Shu gets a pass for being a neutral reviewer and Shane Bettenhausen was labled as a fanboy for Sony. They are both the same and the fact is they are both biased heavily towards one company.

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Lifendz3299d ago

the return of a biased gaming mag! Can't wait for more covers with the PS3 being hit by a tomato!

morganfell3299d ago

Dan Hsu, yeah great editor...not. This is the guy that 3 months into the PS3's cycle chose to put the PS3 on the cover of EGM with a tomato smashed against asking what went wrong.

Never mind he chose the cover when the PS3 was less than 3 months old.

Never mind that he wrote in his editorial how he laughed at the Sony execs when he showed them the cover at a media event.

Never mind that the PS3 hadn't launched yet in Europe.

Never mind that MS spent a billion dollars (the words of MS) on the RROD fiasco and that never made the cover of EGM.

EGM is a joke. they rehire the former Editor in Chief when he was one of the main people whose policies sank the mag in the first place?

Hey EGM, call me when you attempt to resuscitate the magazine a third time.

Blaze9293299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

So uhhhh....does this mean we will get our remaining issues continued for those crap Maxim magazines no one wanted nor asked for and couldnt just get a simple refund instead?

I didnt think so. EGM can kiss my ass

Death3299d ago

I hate to bring it up, but the PS3 launch was a huge failure on just about every level. The expectations by Sony, the fans, and indusrty were never met. How do you feel Sony's PS3 should have been covered shortly after launch?


Vicodin3299d ago

"I hate to bring it up, but the PS3 launch..."


The PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history.

Nac3299d ago

Doesnt matter, still had a crap launch. First few months-year were tough.

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Vicodin3299d ago

"Doesnt matter, still had a crap launch. First few months-year were tough."


Reality vs your delusional revisionist history.

Reality wins.

Nac3299d ago

Are you really trying to tell me that the Ps3 didn't have a bad launch in 2006? Really? Are you that delusional? I think you might be confusing 06 with 09. You do know that there was a PS3 released before the Slim, right? It didn't just come out this holiday season.

rockleex3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The PS3's launch year was exactly the same as the 360's launch.

The only reason why people thought differently was because they kept comparing the PS3's 1st year to the 360's 2nd year.

You can see how the PS3 pulls ahead of the 360 on year 2 and up. Not only that, the PS3 became the 3rd fastest selling console in history even before the launch of the PS3 slim.

Oh wait, you're just gonna pull one of those "numbers and facts don't matter anymore, after the PS3 kept destroying each and every one of our FUD."

So welcome to my ignore list.

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Nac3299d ago

Never did I say a bad launch equated just poor sales;
1st. The PS3 did not meet shipping quota on time, something like 40% didn't make it to the market. 2nd, that system had the most violence equated with its launch by its customers(i.e shooting, robbing at gunpoint). 3rd my personal favorite, Ken Kutaragi comments about the $600 priced machine;
"It's probably too cheap."
"As with the PS and PS2, we believe people who like games will, without question, purchase it"
"We want for consumers to think to themselves, 'I will work more hours to buy one."

As an added bonus, what about Jack Tretton saying he would offer a $1,200 bounty on any systems found "on shelves for more than five minutes." Penny-Arcade found 11.

Top it off with no dual-shock controller to begin with, as well as some of the worst games on your system seen at launch. Tell me, do you consider that a good launch.

Death3299d ago

The Xbox as a brand struggled against the PS2. Having a better launch for the 360 wasn't exactly difficult. Microsoft received praises for their launch since it was an improvement from their previous hardware cycle.

The PS3 is selling well if you consider it a stand alone entry by Sony. They have been selling at a pace similar to Microsoft if not a little better. Are they breaking records? No. The Wii has been busy breaking records set by Sony with the PS2. The PS2 broke records set by the original Playstation. The PS3 has been selling at a much slower rate than the PS1 or PS2. Sony's marketshare today is a small percentage of what they owned the last two hardware generations. Sony as a company and specifically in their gaming division have not been profitable either. Much of this has to do with todays economy, but that isn't the only reason. Kutaragi-san was asked to resign over the PS3's launch and the regime that took over has been cutting up the hardware since to get them where they are today. This isn't because they were selling a record number of consoles, it's because of the loss of marketshare that Sony still hasn't even begun to recover. It has been over 3 years since the PS3 launched and they are still in last place with installed consoles. This is nothing short of failure when you owned over 75% of the market for over a decade.


Oner3299d ago

The same "Shoe" that did this ~

Yeah. Sure. Great unbiased gaming journalism right there

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EvanVolm3299d ago

Wow. Was not expecting that. At all.

Bathyj3299d ago

Why didnt he just go to Kotaku and be done with it?

Cant wait to ignore his next piece.

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