TIGA Begs UK to Boost Developer Tax Breaks

GrE writes, "Today, TIGA will make another attempt to convince Alistair Darling, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, to give the British games industry a boost through tax breaks.

In their final pre-budget report before the general election they will try to show that the games industry will continue to slip unless tax breaks are introduced as soon as possible..."

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bgrundman3298d ago

I know some states have give tax breaks and tons of developers have moved in. I am looking at you Michigan.

Darkstorn3298d ago

The San Francisco Bay area in CA is still the Mecca for game developers. They did a lot of state-government sponsored incentives that really invigorated the industry, and they did it without cutting taxes for game devs.

starven3298d ago

Someone actually standing up for the gaming industry...craziness!

wondroushippo3298d ago

"Stop the shrink" "Hide the decline" - you Brits and your "Verb the noun" trends.

bgrundman3298d ago

Good thing they changed the topic name :P

roblef3298d ago

Wow. Amazing that these companies make so much money and employ so many folks that they are a vital part of the economy, to be shored up by tax breaks from the government. When do we decide that the economic system itself is flawed?

roblef3298d ago

I thought maybe they wanted to prevent psychiatrists from practicing.

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