35 Exclusive Screenshots of Final Fantasy II for PSP has 35 exclusive screenshots of Final Fantasy II for the Playstation Portable. The screenshots range from the game intro to about the first 15 minutes of the game. In humor, 2 of the characters in the game were named "VGOA" and "N4G." These screenshots are not posted on any other website. From what is seen so far Square Enix did a great makeup job on all the characters and environments

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RedSeven4208d ago

I thought I played this already on the NES, and Game Boy Advance, but OK I'll have another go at it on the PSP. Each time I play it, the game gets upgraded in the graphics department. Whats next? FFII on the PS3?

PhilHarrison4208d ago

The PSP is a great system, graphically superior to the xbox 360,

darkdoom30004208d ago

Awesome finally a FF remake on the PSP!!!

hopefully they make them up to FF6

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