FIFA 10 Sells Over 4.5 Million Worldwide

EA has said FIFA 10 has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide in addition to becoming the fastest selling sports game ever made. FIFA 10 was launched on the 1st of October in Australia followed by 2nd in Europe and the 20th in North America. Very impressive figures.

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Madusha3301d ago

Amazing figures, FIFA 10 looks amazing graphically and with gameplay.

Valay3301d ago

Yeah, like was said, pretty nice figures.

masterg3301d ago

Impressive sales numbers.
I still say sports games in general move forward in snail speed compared to other genres.

If you compare FPS/3PS on PS2 to now the gab is gigantic.
If you do the same with sports games the gab is so much smaller both gameplay wise and graphically.
So even though Fifa 10 improved a lot of things it still need so much more in my book.

heroicjanitor3301d ago

It is a f*cking bug fest almost every time I lose a goal it isn't my fault it's due to a defender taking the ball down when you tell him to head it away, or sh*te goalkeepers making lobs easy(yes even when I double tap triangle he still comes out), or when you pass the ball to someone and he stops it in front of him and can't move for a second, or when someone is pulling out of you so your player forgets to bring the ball with him...

I'm not buying this day one next year unless I have proof it isn't buggy but knowing EA sports they'll have the same basic game next year with added bullet points for the back of the box, which just makes the game unstable. There probably won't be a patch either, it's still better than pes slow gameplay but I think we need new people to make football games... Get in there Sony and killzone the graphics!!!

FishCake9T43300d ago

That has to be the most stupid thing i have evr heard. Fifa 2010 earned a 91 score on metacritic. Its an amazing game. Its came a long way since Fifa06 where PES was the prefered game. PS "Get in there Sony and killzone the graphics!!!". The most stupid quote of the century. Typical Fanboy.

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mint royale3301d ago

Good figures for the best sport in the world!

(well second behind formula 1)

mint royale3301d ago

Cricket? I'd rather chew my own hair out!

And its football! :P

Madusha3301d ago

You may not like cricket but in popularity, it's #2. Mostly because of the 1 billion fans in India lol.

OSIRUSSS3301d ago

It's not football, Its Footie. :D

Madusha3301d ago

Yeahh all the same. I thought 'footie' was the name given to aussie rules.

saimcheeda3301d ago

for me its no.1 Cricket no. 2 Football

FishCake9T43300d ago

For me its
1. Football
2. Cricket
3. American Football
4. Baseball
5. F1
6. WRC

starcb263300d ago

1. Football, Fotball
2. Basketball
3. Boxing/MMA
4. Hockey

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Official General3301d ago

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is much better than FIFA 2010. Trust me on this, any soccer game fan out there will buy Pro Evo, as Konami really got it right this time!

peeps3301d ago

used to be a pro fan, they lost me with pes2008 though.

sagapo3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I was a PES player in the past, skipped it for Fifa09, since PES didn't seem to get "next-gen".
Bought Fifa10 as well, but man, does it start to annnoy me. The retail of 2010 got basicly the same bugs as 2009, the AI can act pretty weird at times to say the least, i was thinking of bying PES think i should?

thief3301d ago

Can you expand on how they changed PES 2010 from last time, in your opinion? Quite confused, really love PES but also in half a mind to switch this time

ps3hasnogamess3301d ago

3.0 m in 360

around 900k in ps3...

Battlefield3301d ago

Lol, the 360 and PS3 sales of the game must be pretty much equal.

NoOoB1013301d ago

Its a known fact that fifa sold better on ps3. Go check the numbers if you don't believe me. NPD even showed fifa on ps3 outsold 360. So stop being a fanboy and shouting out lies.

Madusha3301d ago

meh, same game on both consoles.

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