Top Five Upcoming Games of December

The top five video games coming out in December that you should play.

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Madusha3273d ago

Not many good games in December but I agree with the list ; )

Jaces3273d ago

Saboteur and Pixel Junk shooter are the only ones I'm looking forward to.

Thank goodness too seeing how I'm already overwhelmed with R&C:ACiT, Demons Souls, GTA IV Liberty City Stories, L4D2, AC2, GoW collection, etc...jeeze. lol

table3273d ago

Really looking forward to seeing how the sabotuer turns out. It reminds me a lot of the film inglorious basterds.

-Alpha3273d ago

-Killzone 2 (awesome multiplayer)
-Street Fighter IV (meh, I was a noob and online was dominated by experienced players)
-Uncharted 2 (GOTY)
-Demon's Souls (Surprise hit of the year)
-Modern Warfare 2 (addicted to this game's fun multiplayer)

Great year for me. December is going to be made up for by the games of the previous months as I plan on playing Demon's Souls, MW2, and Uncharted 2. Hell I may even pop in K2 again once GG return to it (still waiting for a real party lobby and even more DLC).

But I'm all tapped out for December. My poor, poor wallet.

mt3273d ago

i thought you are going to mention ratchet and clank crack in time . it is my most fun game this year.

Darkstorn3273d ago

Call of Duty Classic looks cool, as does The Saboteur (though I'd prefer a demo first), but my wallet is hurting right now. I spent over $70 on Black Friday.

steck673273d ago

this year has been an amazing year for me as well. My wallets all dried up, I have to save up for next year, especially March (which will probably be the BIGGEST month for gamers this gen).

-Alpha3273d ago

I just think Ratchet is so cool. I actually haven't played any of his games on the PS3, but loved him on the PS3.

I think half of the reason is because I use ratchet in my profile on PSN, but that's because there aren't any new ones and because Ratchet looks like a Gamer's mascot.

That's just me. Personally I liked the Jak and Daxter games better... U know I really don't know what it is that makes me like Ratchet so much lol.

He's just edgy. I like that :)

SDF Repellent3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Top 5 Jan 2010:
1. Mass Effect 2
2. Bayonetta
3. Darksiders
4. Army of 2 40th Day
5. Dark Void

Top 5 Feb 2010:
1. Splinter Cell Conviction
2. Bioshock 2
3. Heavy Rain
4. Lost Planet 2
5. Dante's Inferno

Top 5 Mar 2010:
1. God of War 3
2. Final Fantasy 13
3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
4. Just Cause 2
5. MLB 2010 The Show

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LeonSKennedy4Life3273d ago

Here's hoping Shattered Memories is good!