Opinion: PSP online features edge out DS

Opinion - In the past week, new services for both the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP have pumped up their online presence, making it a perfect time to take a second look at the two handhelds' Wi-Fi features. Quite simply, when it comes to additional Web-based services, Sony is the frontrunner....

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ITR4211d ago

So he put down the DS because you have to change the DS cart to browse the net.
Which takes all of 5-7 seconds to do.

Better yet just buy a M3 and store the browser and 10-15 games on it.
No more DS cart swapping.

DJ4211d ago

has actually saved my ass on quite a few occasions thanks to its internet capabilities; pretty nifty for what basically amounts to a big-ass screen and buttons. A lot of people whine about the countless features that Sony crams into their products...until they suddenly start using them, of course. =P

gta_cb4210d ago

got to agree that the PSP internet abilities are pretty sweet, BUT the only thing i dont like it the screen size =( but then you cant have EVERYTHING in one package otherwise whats the point in Nintendo having the DS/Lite?

WIIIS14211d ago

Opinion: PSP online features edge out DS
Fact: DS sales annihilate PSP
Conclusion: Opinions don't matter

SKOD BIG BOSS4211d ago

btw im typing this on my psp

PS360WII4211d ago

Have both but not the browser yet for DS but I'm pretty confident in saying that both should not be used in any practical sense. It's more of a chits and giggles sort of feature. Sorry DJ I did disagree with you because I am one of those guys that complain about yet another tacked on feature to psp vs. another gaming application for the psp.

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