Remembering the RPGs of 2000: RPG Land Retrospective

The decade almost over, now takes a trip down memory lane, revisiting the RPGs of years gone by. Looking back at some RPGs cranked out in the Dreamcast's short life, huge Final Fantasy announcements, expanding MMO markets and more is "RPG Land Remembers 2000."

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Man I don't like reading things that remind me of the past... It makes me feel kinda sad and old. =(

And yeah, I was very hyped for Parasite Eve II and then when I played it for the first time I was like: What is this? Resident Evil? But loved it anyway. In many ways it was superior to the first. =)

Grandia II was awesome! The battle system was so great that even to these days I still consider it one of the best in its genre. Back in the day I rented the game like 6-8 times to beat it and then a few months ago(2009) I finally bought it for the PS2 on GameStop for like 2 bucks. lol

But one game that disappointed me really bad was Chrono Trigger. Not because the game was bad but because of the art. I mean, what happened with the DBZ art of Akira Toriyama? That's what made Chrono Trigger so likable and then Square came and ruined it with this CGI crap with awful style on Chrono Cross. I bought the game, played it for like 5 minutes and then like 10 years later(2009) I'm planning on give it another try after I beat Xenogears.

And now I will stop of writing so much crap because when it comes to jrpg's I just can't stop talking about them. BTW Thanks Sony for at least give us BC with PSX games on the PS3. ;_;

knifefight3301d ago

Oddly enough, it seems like playing Chrono Trigger first diminished the enjoyment of Chrono Cross for a lot of people. I know there are exceptions, but in general, it seems like those who dislike Chrono Cross most are ones who played Chrono Trigger, while those that loved it are usually gamers who played Cross first. (Like I said, just my own observation; I know whoever's reading this might defy that descrption.)