The Portable Podcast, Episode 9 | The Portable Gamer

On The Portable Podcast, Carter Dotson and Rob LeFebvre discuss Edge being pulled from the App Store, the DSi LL's sales, the latest releases, poignant moments in handheld games, and mini-reviews of Monkeys in Space and LittleBigPlanet.

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bgrundman3123d ago

You talk about LBP PSP? I must listen!

wondroushippo3123d ago

I was more interested to hear about the poignant gaming moments segment.

bgrundman3123d ago

No developer interview this week? That is disappointing. At least you talk about LBP.

wondroushippo3123d ago

I'd think that things would get stale if they just talked to developers every single week.

roblef3123d ago

Seriously? These guys just keep getting better. I wonder if they'll get any fan mail?

Sp1deyluvr3123d ago

I Dunno.. I don't think they have any fans. ;)

Just Kidding! :)

They're AMAZING!

roblef3123d ago

I think they're gonna do more, at least.

starven3123d ago

Yet another awesome podcast. Thanks folks!!