The Best PSP RPGs Available Right Now [RPGSite]

The PSP is seemingly something of an overlooked RPG behemoth, with RPG series such as Monster Hunter, Disgaea, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star swelling its RPG ranks to the point of bursting.

It's hard to pick a mere top 5 that people must own - but here's RPGSite's best picks, agonised over for some time.

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rambler3276d ago

I am a pretty big Strategy Fan, but I really dont like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics. I waited so long to play FF Tactics and when I played it I was a little dissapointed at how it played. Jeanne D"Arc however is one of the best games i've ever played, along with other strategy games such as Vandal Hearts 1 (not 2, man that was horrible) and Stella Deus (overlooked, but an amazing game).

Maybe I should give FFT and Disgaea another go?

gaffyh3276d ago

I agree, Jeanne D'Arc is amazing, and I hate SRPGs, but I loved Jeanne D'Arc. Should have been at the top of the list imo.

hatchimatchi3276d ago

i'm gonna buy jeanne d'arc eventually. I have a psp go so im limited as to which rpg's i can get. I'm not a huge fan of srpg's but level 5 is a solid company so i'm sure i'll enjoy the game.

The only psp rpg i have at the moment is 'crimson gem saga' and i must say that i absolutely love this game. I'm a huge fan of turn based level grind jrpg's. It kills me that they are becoming a rarity these days.

Silly Mammo3276d ago

Agreed! Jeanne D'Arc was a great game!

raWfodog3276d ago

I have all on that list except for Disgaea. Maybe I'll pick it up since I agree with him on all the others that he has on that list.