Gearbox have 'super secret project' in the works

CC: Gearbox Software's Mikey Neumann has revealed that the Texas based development studio are working on something 'super secret'.

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mj2463148d ago

Borderlands 2? I think so!

buckethead_9113148d ago

A Duke Nukem game.

Hail to the King Baby!

Madusha3148d ago

Borderland 2 or Duke Nukem!

morganfell3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Actually 2 projects. How Duke Nukem became Duke Nukem - an origin story and BIA Battle of the Bulge - break out the snow shoes boys.

DTClown3148d ago

I have been telling you mutts for 2 years now that GearBox has been working on a new Halo game. Check my history. I have family who works for GB.

Zedux3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

natal anyone!!! those poor guys still haven't managed to program good stuff with the Cell maybe Naughty Dog can come to their rescue lol!

RememberThe3573148d ago

That would be ridiculously badass.

SuperM3147d ago

They are working on Halo 4 for the Xbox 720. It will in all likelyhood be a launch game to help draw in alot of people to the new console from the get-go

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mjolliffe3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Personally i want a World War 1 shooter as we haven't made a visit to that time in a while, but i think that Borderlands was such a 'out of the blue' success (well, we knew it would do well, but not THAT well) that they'll be thinking of B2/.

_insane_gamer_3148d ago

borderlands was too repetitive for me :/

Madusha3148d ago

Nah, It's pretty fun :D

DTClown3148d ago

Yoshida must have been listening to me the last 2 years. It is Halo 4.

mjolliffe3148d ago

I didn't think of Brothers In Arms. Good thinking! Maybe without such different controls though.

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The story is too old to be commented.