IGN: Metro 2033 Hands-On

Horror-themed shooters have sent gamers chasing down little girls with bloody feet and clearing out demons from ancient ruins with the Biblical apocalypse only seconds away. Metro 2033 sets its scares in the underworld of the Moscow metro system. A massive network of stations and miles of track, the Moscow metro is not only one of the world's most impressive public transportation systems, but in the alternate future of Dmitry Glukhovsky's best-selling Russian series of sci-fi novels, it is the only place in Moscow that can support what's left of humanity following a nuclear war.

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Alcon Caper3276d ago

The graphics for this game are amazing. I honestly think they're even better then.......................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ...................Uncharted 2.

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Alcon Caper3276d ago


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kaveti66163276d ago

Oh man. I made fun of this game so much when I saw the pre-alpha footage. It looked so terrible, but now I'm very impressed. I don't know how the game will look on 360, but it's really good on PC. No need to have these little competitions. Uncharted 2 is amazing, and for the longest time, people will be trying to find a game that will top it. That's not something to get upset over. I actually have my Uncharted 2 box lying next to me right now.

BattleAxe3276d ago

Looking forward to this game for PC, as the article states that its the best version.

ABizzel13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I hope this game is good. Graphically the game looks good, we haven't seen anything, and I get the feeling that this is going to be a very mediocre game with good graphics.

For some reason this game reminds me of Resistance, I think it's the character models.

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Pandamobile3276d ago

PC version will look amazing.

N4PS3G3276d ago

yeah..Gamespot said the 360 version looked both will look amazing

"While the team claims the PC is the lead platform for the game, the Xbox 360 version looked identical--even when blown up onto a huge cinema screen" - Gamespot

Pandamobile3276d ago

Well that sucks. I was hoping the game wouldn't be held back by 2005 hardware.

Dreams = crushed...

kaveti66163276d ago

True, Panda. No matter what. This game on PC should look better than the 360 version.

BattleAxe3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


STONEY43275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Soo either the 360 version looks amazing or the PC version looks like crap. Or Gamespot has bad eyes, which is what I'm guessing is most likely.

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Alan Wake3276d ago

GayStation 3 version cancelled loooool

kaz-hirai3276d ago

"GayStation 3 version cancelled loooool "

I can still play it on PC ;-D!!!!!

loooool 360 has no exclusives !

Pandamobile3276d ago

Don't forget that according to Xbox people, if it's not on the PS3, it's a 360 exclusive.

TheTruth20093276d ago

Funny, isn't it?
Take a little stroll over to your favorite online sales chart, and ask a PS3 supporter how their exclusives are holding up. I'll help them:


Fact is, the multiplats on the PS3 outsell ALL of the exclusives on their console... COMBINED.

You see, the myopic Sony Fans on this site need something that sets their favorite console apart from the XBOX360. The XBOX360 dominates with the core gamers in all categories, so they have fabricated this argument to make themselves feel better. I know. It's sad.


But they have to convince themselves that there is a GAMING reason to own a PS3. BluRay and Free WiFi aren't enough. They need something that they think resonates with hardcore gamers.

But it doesn't work. Not even with their own fanbase.


Multiplats on PS3 are selling well. Their precious exclusives are FLOPPING.

So have fun, Myopics! Fight the good fight! :-)

baum3276d ago

MGS4 - 4.75 million units
GT5:P - 3.9 million units
R:FOM - 3.64 million units
Motorstorm - 3.5 million
Uncharted 1 - 2.75 million
LBP - 2.6 million
Killzone 2 - 2.1 million
Resistance 2 - 1.7 million
Uncharted 2 - 1.7 million+ (Holiday season isn't done, sh1t stain)
Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction - 1.67 million
Heavenly Sword - 1.38 million
Infamous - 1.03 million

Hardly "flops". Hell, SOCOM has almost sold 1 million on retail alone, that doesn't include all the *online only* sales. Same with Warhawk. Singstar actually sold almost 0.9 million, which is much better than how Lips has done; also Singstar ABBA did better than most Lips games, and Buzz did better than Scene-It (which is getting the port treatment as all 360 games). Even crap like Haze and Time Crisis 4, both which sold close to 0.8 million, sold more than the great majority of the following overhyped 360 exclusives

Exclusive 360 flops
Banjo Kazooie 0.6 million
Ninety-Nine Nights 0.38 million
Ace Combat 6 0.72 million
Lost Odyssey 0.82 million
Blue Dragon 0.53 million
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 0.2 million
Too Human 0.64 million
Scene-It 0.53 million
Scene-It box office smash 0.46 million
Chromehounds 0.4 million
Shadowrun 0.39 million
You're in the movies 0.43 million
Lips 0.5 million
Prey 0.28 million
Tenchu Z 0.33 million
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise: 0.33 million
MotoGP '06, 0.26 million
Ninja Blade 0.17 million
Viva Piñata: Party animals 0.17 million
The Idol Master: 0.07 million
Leisure Suit Larry Box office Bust 0.07 million
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad 0.05 million
Lips #1 Hits: 0.04 million
Ridge Racer 6 0.2 million

Timed exclusive flops

Ninja Gaiden 2 0.96 million
Tales of Vesperia 0.45 million
Alone in the Dark 0.39 million
Vampire Rain 0.15 million
Eternal Sonata 0.24 million
Overlord II 0.18 million
Overlord 0.41 million
Infinite Undiscovery 0.54 million
Star Ocean IV 0.55 million
Last remnant 0.59 million
Beautiful Katamari 0.26 million
C&C3:RA 0.29 million

Multiplat 360 flops

SFIV PS3 = 1.45 million, 360 = 1.29 million
DMC4 PS3 = 1.26 million, 360 = 1.17 million
VF5 PS3 = 0.5 million, 360 = 0.2 million
Batman Arkham asylum PS3 = 1.26 million 360 = 1.06 m
Burnout Paradise PS3 1.12 million X360 1.09 million
Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3 0.62 million X360 0.27 million
Bladestorm PS3 0.22 million X360 0.09 million
Tekken 6 PS3 0.56 million X360 0.26 million

JazzHands3276d ago

it is true though, the 360 has like, 5 quality exclusives, and did you really expect mw2 to A) not top the charts in every console its available to and B) not sell the most on 360 where its target demographic (aka sheep, jokes, but seriously) is the most concentrated? furthermore, sales don't make a game automatically good (phyconauts and okami and wii play prove that to us) besides, it's not like this is even a 360 exclusive, and if what ign says is true, it will also be the inferior version.
also, i think playing a game with OVER 200 PLAYERS is a good gaming reason to have a ps3, as is the entire ratchet and clank series. (btw,
i only have a 360) ;) cheers

back on topic
game looks interesting, really liking the snowy setting (nuclear winter > nuclear summer) and am curious about the visions, and whether they will be retarded or not :P

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dgroundwater3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

"the mouse-and-keyboard controls were vastly superior to the Xbox 360 controller. The 4A representative said that the Xbox 360 controls would of course be tweaked, but the gap between the PC set-up and the 360 controller was as wide as Red Square."

I really hope they tweak them to be smooth and responsive. I don't want another Far Cry 2 situation where the game is gorgeous but the controls are fat, stiff and imprecise. It's like developers have never seen a joystick before. It's almost 2010 and consoles rule gaming like it or not. Why are the controls not pitch perfect on both platforms?

Graphics will be great, take it for granted. Opinions are subjective, so why bicker?

Pandamobile3276d ago

Far Cry 2's controls sucked on PC too.

BattleAxe3276d ago

Far Cry 2 had great controls on PS3. Didn't feel much different from CoD. However, the controls for Crysis were not the greatest. I was wondering if Cryteck had ever seen a controller before lol. Once you play with it for a while you do end up getting used to it though.

dragonelite3276d ago

There's nothing wrong with crysis control.
And are you talking about the non existing console version not sure.

STONEY43275d ago

Far Cry 2 felt fine on PC, but on PS3 the aiming felt whack no matter what sensitivity it was set at. Every time you try to aim at someone, the turning acceleration is so fast that you'll go right past them. If you move the analog stick slightly, it would turn too slow.

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JohnTheBaptist3276d ago

Yet another AAA game to add to the amazing selection of AAA games being released next year for The Xbox360™. Next year is set to be a year of award winning gaming for the console that true gamers love, The Xbox360™.

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