IGN UK: Metro 2033 UK Interview

IGN UK writes: "Moscow's souvenir postcards might be loaded with pictures of Saint Basil's Cathedral, Stalin's Cathedrals and the Kremlin, but its biggest marvel is underground in the network of tunnels and stations that form the Metro. The Russian capital's underground transport system is a brilliantly eccentric take on urban transit, a product of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that's as majestic as anything on the city's surface.

Stations are individual exercises in opulence, and whereas the walls of London Underground stations are thick with peeled posters for Leona Lewis albums, Moscow's sport masterpieces of Art Deco design etched in marble. Commuting through this subterranean wonderland, the young Dmitry Glukhovsky conjured a tale of a world forced to live underground by nuclear war."

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