iCasual: Boozle | The Portable Gamer

Today on The Portable Gamer's iCasual podcast, Michelle Lopez covers memory game Boozle from Vivid Games. New iCasuals are available every weekday on TPG.

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bgrundman3303d ago

Yay for short podcasts!

roblef3303d ago

You gotta love being able to take reviews with you on the road!

ewanaiton523303d ago

Short podcasts are great, but sometimes the reason podcasts run long is because there's a lot to say?

bgrundman3303d ago

Another memory game? Where has all of the originality gone?

roblef3303d ago

Developers, please stop making us play virtually the same games over and over again because you have no interesting ideas.

wondroushippo3303d ago

I would have to be boozing in order to enjoy this one, I bet

starven3303d ago

I listened to podcasts today while playing with network cables.