Final Fantasy XIII: Weapons System, Missions, and More

Kotowari writes: I can hardly keep up with the onslaught of news regarding Final Fantasy XIII lately.  It seems like as the Japanese December release grows closer, Square Enix just chucks information at us like a crazy-cat-lady throwing cats.  The latest bit of news, released over the holiday (sorry for the delay), concerns weapons, missions, and etc!  There is a lot to cover so I am going to use bullets to keep me motivated:

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Microsoft Xbox 3603302d ago

The only news of FF13 that needs to be heard is the fact that it's superior on the PS3 platform. Jump out bots.

Wrathman3302d ago

wots fridays lottery numbers 2?

Redempteur3302d ago

at least there will be many things to do

As usual .

Julie3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I hope is not FFXII again , is the FF i like the less from all :(

I wish to see really fun minigames to come back like tetramaster , i love to play cards on FF i miss them a lot , i also love monster arenas , chocobo training and racing, please let them come back ,a real overworld and playable airships/ships/submarines, let the real FF spirit come back ...set it free D:

Redempteur3302d ago

i have nothing against some minigames but please no more cards games ...

i don't want these .

Julie3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Awww Redempteur how comes you don't like the card games! i love them , you rather dodge 250 lightning bolts and finish a chocobo race on 0.0s? well i also love to do all that stuff :p

I love the card game because i like to collect stuff , and errr ...i am a bit nerdy :3

jarhead9063301d ago

Dodging 250 consecutive lightning bolts was freaking ridiculous. No way I could get Lulu's ultima weapon fully 'charged'.

FACTUAL evidence3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

don't let this be another ff12....and make the storyline actually good and understandable. (looking @ you ff12)

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djaparatic3302d ago

I like the hunt,,,, but I liked the card game in 8 and would like to have the opportunity to play something like that again in game....or breeding chocobos.. dunno. ^^

GrandDragon3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Is it just me or does this Game getting better and better!

*** Weapons can be customized using a web-site while on Cocoon, or at standard save points for all other areas.***

So you can connect to a Website whilst in Game and upgrade Weapons?! That is amazing

silkrevolver3302d ago

I can't wait to max out a weapon, and it will still be useful after I find a stronger one!

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