G4tv: Five Games Already 3D Equipped (Or Will Be Soon)

G4Tv: 3D is the new thing, if you're to believe the gospel of movie director James Cameron. His latest action epic, Avatar, was filmed under the premise 3D is going to revolutionize all forms of entertainment. Games are included under that umbrella. Avatar: The Game will be the first console game to support stereoscopic 3D, but it's not the only 3D game available, especially if you're talking about the PC.

If you're one of the lucky out there with a 3D-equipped HDTV -- they do exist, they're just not what you would call "cheap" -- or have some NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses, here's how you can get your 3D on.

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vhero3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Quite excited about Sony supporting this through modern 3D TV's. It could be the future but like with Blu Ray when the PS3 was launched its too early. As its too damn expensive right now. So the glasses are the only real way and luckily for all gamers both consoles support 3D glasses gaming. Of course 3D TV would be a better solution as you wouldn't look like a complete idiot while playing.