Eco-Box: a greener way to protect games

Joystiq writes: "If you've bought a new 360 game recently, you may have already noticed this curiously Trivial Pursuit-inspired packaging being employed for titles like Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warfare 2. According to the Viva Group, the company that designed the packaging, the new "Eco-Box" is not only better for the environment (using 20 percent less plastic and creating 31 percent less CO2 emissions) but has "no real difference in quality or performance" when compared with standard packaging..."

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Rumor Monger3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

i hope sony/NINTENDO dont copy that...

Holes on the left site of the case...why???

UltimateIdiot9113272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

According to Kotaku, Nintendo already began looking into this. Sony so far has no plans.

Anyway, the bluray version is a lot worse. I got Quantum of Solace on Bluray, and I thought I've been had. It's reeks fake and cheap all over but a quick google search showed me it's the eco (un)friendly case. I don't buy the no change in performance lies for one bit. You can clearly see a difference and how it doesn't hold up against a normal bluray case, so I can see how the DVD would be any better.

The plastic sleeve has marks all over because it's so cheap, the case bends inward looking like it's about to collapse on itself. I really hope Sony does not follow this same path.

paul03883272d ago

When I first saw this with Modern Warfare 2, along with the black & white 5 page manual, I thought it was just Activision using a new game box with less plastic to maximize profits.

Boy was I wrong \sarcasm

Rai853272d ago

now they use less plastic, it looks ugly indeed...a case is needed to protect the disc and it is a Ästhetic enviorment for the Disc---
now both aspects are no existent

Corepred43272d ago

great i submit this story earlier this morning and this guy beats me in less than an hour. yeah but the ecoboxes are gay. no protection for the game at all.

Arsenic133272d ago

Think about what you say.

"Thats so corepred4"

SpoonyRedMage3272d ago

Why don't we go the whole way and have hand crafted wooden boxes for every game?

That'd be awesome... but not cost effective.