The free iPhone game Trawler Report: Earthworm Jim pops his head through the App Store's soil, narrowly avoiding getting UFO Kidna

Pocket Gamer:

The Black Friday sales have all died down, finally. If you missed out, this weekend saw he US's trend of slashing prices over the Thanksgiving weekend bleed over into other countries thanks to the App Store. As a result, many publishers would have been saving up their freebies for the event.

So, does that mean the Trawler's as bare as a fish skeleton picked dry by a ravenous bunch of seabirds?

We've had to dig a little deeper than usual, sure, but we've still brought in a tasty catch to keep you gaming for free until the usual harvest starts up again.

This week we've got an early festive freebie, the return of a much-loved slithering superhero, and a spot of alien abduction - oh, and the writer of the TV show Monk.

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