Are next-gen sequels worth the money?

Kristen video blogs about all the new sequels. Are next-gen sequels worth the money? How many potential DLC games will we have to see before company's get it?

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GWAVE3299d ago

If a sequel is good, it's good. There are plenty of sequels this gen that are awesome games well-worth your $$$ (Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, etc), and there are sequels certainly NOT worth your money.

I think the problem is that some sequels aren't worth the money, but since the gaming press does such a bad job at accurately representing games (since advertising money is more important than the truth), it's hard to see what sequels are worth it.

JOLLY13299d ago

Conspiracy theory!!!!

Unicron3299d ago

LOL. I like how people STILL hide behind "conspiracy theory" excuses, when time and time again we've seen PROOF.

$800 Halo 3 swag bags anyone?

Bu... bu... conspiracy!

Reviews are a BUSINESS. Businesses are in it to MAKE MONEY. Advertising revenue drives said industry. You piss off the wrong publisher, you don't get free/early access to their games!

Halo3 MLG Pro3299d ago

Or even worse, when the MGS4 team gave reviewers free trips to Paris for the unveiling of their game. Unfortunately, their reviews were supervised by the MGS4 team. Very sad.

Unicron3299d ago

You're right Pro. Frankly, it sucks. Hence why I despise people using scores for anything other than wiping their ass.

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