Assassin's Creed II DLC releases start January

SCRAWL: "Ubisoft's sent out word that two pieces of downloadable content are on the way for Assassin's Creed II, both set to launch at the beginning of 2010.

The downloadable content, titled "Battle of Forli", is set to launch in January while the second piece, "Bonfire of the Vanities", will launch in February."

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tman6923276d ago

more reason to go back and play the game after you beat it. :)

dgroundwater3276d ago

Yeah I agree. The story is really good, and I'm guessing these take place in the missing years in between the DNA sequences.

Hellsvacancy3275d ago

Yeah sequence 12 and 13, defo buy 4-me

kira423275d ago

I have been waiting for this ! now i can die in peace

chester3275d ago

you can die in peace because they announced DLC? i'd rather play it first.

Dying_clown3275d ago

This should be awesome. Hoping so much it's not a let down.

artistadam3275d ago the pre-ordered gamestop map?? lol, that was disappointing but, at least it was free...

electricshadow3275d ago

That's great! I got the games a couple days ago, I love it. I will gladly get this DLC.

lonestarmt3275d ago

yeah this is cool and actually worthy DLC, but since is sequence 12, 13 that was missing in the game, it pretty much proves that they left it out just so they can charge for it later DLC. One of my pet peeves about DLC its an easy way for game devs to purposely leave out story for a way for extra $$$$ I never want to feel like when I buy a game that it is purposely not the finished product.

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The story is too old to be commented.