Assassin's Creed 2: First 2 DLCs set for early 2010

Ubisoft has announced the release dates and the first two download contents for Assassin's Creed 2.

The first one, 'Battle of Forli' is set to be released in January 2010, while 'Bonfire of the Vanities' will follow in February.

Both DLCs will be released for the PS3- and the Xbox 360-Version of the game and will be about 1,0 GB large. Ubisoft will spread further information about the DLCs throughout December.

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Dying_clown3302d ago

There probably going to be pretty good.

Blaze9293302d ago

Yeah at 1GB? It has to be. I wasn't expecting this. Guess I'll be holding on to my copy of AC2 then instead of trading it in like I planned.

MSpence5163302d ago

This made me have a change of heart also....can't wait.

Lifendz3302d ago

Serious question. Not an attempt at sarcasm. Unless the game did mega numbers, I doubt it. Usually they don't give the fans anything free unless the game exceeds their expectations. Wish more companies followed the Burnout model.

NegativeCreepWA3302d ago

This gen no, but last gen Ubi had plenty of free maps for GR and other games. Wait End War did have some free content.

ShinFuYux3302d ago

I can't believe they didn't added Rome into the game.

I wanted to visit those ancient ruins that the roman empire was at and such.

Eiffel3302d ago

You never know. If we bug them enough it could be added.

El_Colombiano3302d ago

I'm sure its not a matter of "bugging" them about it. I'm also sure that they already have plans for the next two, maybe three installments into the franchise. Whether Rome is part of those plans is only know to the producers.

Eiffel3302d ago

Sorry. By bugging them I meant contacting in support of the addition.

STONEY43302d ago

Um, Rome is in the game, just not as a fully explorable city, it's just a level.

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Blow Out Your Brains3302d ago

Assasins Creed sucks, I love how companies release games now with the knowledge that they can hold back content, release it a two months later and make more money. I could understand for a good game, but this game is crap.

Eiffel3302d ago

Says the person who most likely sucks at it.

Assassins Creed 2 is nothing short of amazing. Ubisoft really impressed me with the amount of detail and content. Not only that but gave the franchise new light at the possibilities.

Pennywise3302d ago

If we were talking about the first I would agree with you. AC2 is actually good, which surprised me.

mrv3213302d ago

So they are holding back a gig of content? Why not put it on the disc have a unlock code and save yourself some money from hosting.

Instead they are making a 1 gig worth of DLC probably to stop people trading in since it's a singleplayer game.

I blame reviewer for the unlock codes. They should at the bottom put their playtime on it, that way we'll know if it's content rich or content poor, basically Dragon Age vs MW2(singleplayer). Personally I think it would be a good idea but like score cause even more fanboyism.

Scotty0563302d ago

What a moron.
Seriously, go play your Little Big Planet.

mrv3213302d ago

I don't get what your playing at

'Go play your LBP'

The fact it has DLC... as does Far Cry 2. Are you suggesting he's a fanboy? AC 2 is on PS3 and 360 btw... he'd be the worst fanboy ever.

LBP has a level designer as does Far Cry 2 and many games. Some people don't like DLC to be announced so soon after a game. tis all.

Scotty0563302d ago

Not at all.
I'm saying that he is a complete idiot if he thinks that AC2 sucked. LBP is inferior, IMO.

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Raider693302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

My self included!Fellow gamers what the F%CK is going on,more an more often gamers get screw,and im starting to think that we're getting incomplete version of games!Lets state the obvious i have a PS3 and an xbox 360!I usualy install all my games to the HDD of the 360 and i begin to notice that some games like Assassins creed 2(5.5GB) ,Borderlands(3.3GB),LEFT4DEAD 2(4.4GB) and many more so call high profile games only have 5GB of data!So are gamers been screw? YES WE ARE!Putting DLC available so soon after the release make me think that the majoraty of the DLC is already done wend the game is release to public!I also think some dev teams shoud shut th F%CK up wend the subject is the dvd is becoming not useful because they need more space to put data!What the hell some of them dont even use half of the space why not acknowledge that they are screwing consumers and gamers alike on DLC!

FantasyStar3302d ago

I gotta agree. AssCreed 2 installed for less than 6GB on the HDD. And we know now that the new DLC will be 1GB. Is there a reason why those 1GB couldn't be added onto the disc?


FunAndGun3302d ago

While I agree with you that they could probabaly include a lot of the content they sell as DLC, it will not change. It is in fact only going to get worse. You can voice your opinion with your wallet and never buy the DLC, but there will always be a percentage of people who would buy it no matter what. Even if the dev came out and said they could have included it on the disc, many people would still buy it because they want to have everything for their favorite game.

It would be nice if all gamers could get together and voice a powerful unified opinion, but just by seeing the comments on this site, we all know that would never happen. DLC is big bucks, they know it, and will continue to abuse it.

NegativeCreepWA3302d ago

Are you seriously so naive to think the amount of data on a disc has any thing to do with devs holding content back.
You do know most games are completed months before release and during that time devs could already be making the dlc while the rest of the team are doing the finishing touches. And whats wrong with announcing dlc before or shortly after a game releases, its called planing ahead.

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