Sony on track for record breaking November

The PS3 marketing machine has hit full stride! Sony is reporting astronomical PS3 sales over the Black Friday weekend, revealing that close to a half a million PS3s were sold over that time period. This number sets a couple of notable new sales milestones for the PS3, and puts it firmly on track to breaking more.

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rroded3297d ago

the new price point n marketing spree has really paid off this year.

Kain813297d ago

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil 360s. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the PS3 when I lay my vengeance upon thee.'

ilove that movie^^

gaffyh3297d ago

Worlwide, PS3 must have sold about 1.7 million in November alone, because about 800k in US, about the same in Europe, and about 160k (40k x4 guessing) in Japan.

doG_beLIEfs3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

The amount of panic going on at the Evil Empire has to be epic. So I guess the PS3 sales is not just a spike eh MS and more specifically Mr. Aaron Greenturd? I am all for competition, and I want MS to stay around and not go away. But it is so sweet to taste all of the tears of MS fanboys and MS fanboy sites (Joystiq, Kotaku) knowing that for 3 years PS fans had to hear so much BS about Sony and the PS3 and how its going to fail.

And to think, the PS brands biggest franchises are NOT out yet. GT5, GOW3, FF are all due out 1st quarter 2010. If the PS3 is selling this well now, how many consoles will sell when those games hit?

You don't sell 100 MILLION+ for 2 generations in a row without knowing what you are doing, going in with a good plan and sticking to it.

Bravo Sony....bravo

Rumor Monger3297d ago

LOL Funny stuff

on Topic:


darthv723297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

They just needed a fresh approach this gen and Sony is very glad it is working.

LordMarius3297d ago


then get the SDF of N4G to invade those sites

stiggs3297d ago

"But it is so sweet to taste all of the tears of MS fanboys and MS fanboy sites"

Do you even read your own posts? You sound like a complete tool....seriously.
A PS3 owner

3297d ago
eagle213297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Sony is doing so awesome. The games are AAA, the marketing is among the best ever, and Blu-ray is going mainstream in 2010 (according to NPD)! When I saw what Michael Pachter is predicting PS3 sold November for N.A., I had to read it twice. My goodness, what a slap in the haters faces!

Sony will have a merry merry holiday!

2010 will be amazing. :)

GWAVE3297d ago

Sony DESERVES to succeed this gen. They're the only company pushing the boundaries of games forward for the sake of GAMERS. They keep coming out with new games that push storyline, graphics, physics, number of players online, concept, etc., despite all the hate and bad press they receive.

Nintendo is only concerned with the casuals. Microsoft is only concerned with getting as much publicity with as little effort as possible, especially since they can sit back and bask in the unreasonably positive favor of the Western press.

jcgamer3297d ago

Boom to the power of Boom!

Price check on aisle...BOOM!

lol :)

ABizzel13297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

PS3 sells are going to be through the roof next month.

I predict

US - 1.0m (sold 960k @ $500 2007, sold 740k @ $400 2008) ($199 360)
EU - 1.5m (sold 1.0m @ $500 2007, sold 940k @ $400 2008) ($199 360)
JP - 640k (sold 590k @ $500 2007, sold 150k @ $200 2008) (????????)

Japan may vary greatly with the release of FF13 coming out it may do 1 million as well.

StanLee3297d ago

I can't wait for November's NPD results. They're going to be a lot of tears in here.

Lifendz3297d ago

Sony and MS both contribute a lot to the next-gen gaming thing. I honestly hope both companies do well. All this competition can only lead to better games and prices for the consumer.

ultimolu3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

And BOOM! There goes the dynamite. :3

Lol @ Kain81. I like that quote. :)

soljah3297d ago

you think ps3 sales were good in nov. wait for 2 more weeks when ffx111 launches in japan. yes the ps3 sales are about to go BOOM

Guido3297d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

That Sony was going to hit their stride and begin their journy to reclaim the top spot. By the end of this gen we will once again see the PS console at the top. Bookmark this and get back with me when it happens.

Edit: BOOM!

kws10653296d ago

"I am gonna file this under Not An Issue"

vhero3296d ago

MS started fighting back in October after taking a bloody beating in September and now it's just been slapped back down. About time Sony finally started getting their act together.

Dread3296d ago

firstly congrats to Sony. well played.

secondly, to the sony fanboys, why r u excited about sales, i have been reading your comments for about two years and all you did was make the case that sales were not important.. remember "you cant play sales" and other equally stupid comments..

what is going on,are sales important now?
(lol at the hypocrisy, but to tell you the truth i am not surprised. )


kws10653296d ago

Because this makes a certain group of people shut up so that I don't have to hear any annoying sales argument.

Sales has never been important, but when we start speaking about games, there is a certain group of people always tackle the games with sales figures, and the group is not related with PS3.

Now, PS3 has good sales, so from now on, we can only talk about game, not sales.

Why o why3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

what kws1065 said. action/reaction and all that stuff. You of ALL people should know this is how it works in life. I cant wait for the ps3 to overtake the 360...That'll be one step closer to the end of all the bickering and another step closer to gaming topics like graphics/exclusives/live/psn.. ...I can actually see a point debating on those things but i have to say SOME 360 guys have brought this on the rest of the 360 fans....2 wrongs yadda yadda but im sure you DO actually understand like you said. Remember the term 'last place' im pre warning the good 360 folk that their brethren will see that term smashed in their faces by many and it wont feel good. Ill sit and watch but it'll be hard not to tell some of the fanboys something. The fans with a preference are kool in my book but the rest can eat a **** .

Oh, last time i checked you CANT play sales so your comments is a little pot-kettlish because i never dont remember you telling the npd lovers to stfu...just an observation

3296d ago
Razmossis3296d ago

I don't know how frequently PS3 ads are showing in the US, over here in the UK it's still pretty weak, maybe one ad every hour on select channels, whilst xbox sometimes has 3 in a row.

And the actual adverts over here are quite terrible, anyone who has seen them will know what im talking about, they look more like montages of stickers in someones scrap book. The ones in the US are 'actual' adverts, with clear and enticing information, they are great!

Sitdown3296d ago

with the individuals that think the commercials are great and some of the best advertisements ever. While they do exactly what they are suppose to do, I don't think they are the best commercials the world has seen...and actually, the tag line is already starting to get old to me. I still feel like the marketing department is not really taking advantage of the deal which is the ps3; they need to make commercials that make you question yourself or feel uneasy for selecting a system that does not offer the bundle which is the ps3.

The Arse Band1t3296d ago

And yet....they're still in 3rd place.

MEsoJD3296d ago

(see what I did there?)

Anyway Sony's on a roll and finally has the adverts down. Great Time to

be a PlayStation Owner.

sikbeta3296d ago

This is great news, more people joining the PS3 community, Devs put more effort on games now, exclusives are AWESOME, next year line-up is BEAST and keep getting better...

SO, GO PS3 and the PS community, peace out and Happy Gaming!!!!

Razmossis3296d ago

PS3 may be in 3rd place, but at least it ain't the 'slowest selling' console.

Rumor3296d ago

price cut + epic adverts= WIN


silvacrest3296d ago

its funny how even with the 360s more then a years headstart the lead is getting smaller and smaller...

raztad3296d ago


Thats funny. The Band1t has an ARSE as a fan.

zane5473296d ago

Slightly off topic, but while I can talk to a bunch of ps3 fans in one thread... :p

I'm trading my 360 for a ps3, largely because It's RRoD'd twice and im out of warranty now and dont want a third really.

I got a budget to get 4 games, 2 of which are MGS4 and Assassins Creed 2, anyone wanna suggest me 2 more? :p

Okay, on topic.

I always thought Sony didnt market their console enough in the first couple years, it is about time they started a push. They marketed the hell out of the Playstation 2 and look how phenomenally that sold, the playing field is more equal this gen, but if anyone knows how rival Microsoft in the marketing department, its Sony.

Sarcasm3296d ago

I think it's mostly because of the whole "Blu-Ray" mentality. A lot of my co-workers who I didn't think really cares about any of this stuff actually either bought a cheap Blu-Ray player or a PS3. The marketing really does work, and Sony having Blu-Ray only on the PS3 is paying off in big ways.

And it also helps that LCD HDTVs are at an all time low. I cant believe some of the prices on these sets. $1000 for a 52" Samsung is ridiculous! So of course for those people who bought a nice new HDTV, they want to use it and the PS3 will give them the best of both worlds in gaming and Blu-Ray movies.

rockleex3296d ago

Yup, right behind the Wii and their own PS2 as the top 3 fastest selling consoles of all time.

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Aquarius3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

NO. ONE. CARES. about the flopbox as it has dropped off the TOP 100 in Amazon.

No where to be seen. Let us guess:
Is it at 101? 102? 107? 200? 360?

...and if this is meant to be the biggest online retailer in the USA. What does that say about the 360? That it is already in a shlthole? The PS3 rarely falls below 25. So its selling 4 times as much?

TheTruth20093296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Just a few notes, and then I'll let Sony Fans continue with their patting on each other's backs. :-)

#1 Nuff said.
#2 I'm still waiting for substantiation from a legitimate site on the hardware numbers.
#3 Notice how the ONLY ones talking about this "Sony BOOM" are Sony Fans?
#4 Notice how we haven't received ONE report about a software title vaulting up the charts.

Again, always reference where the news is coming from. Sony Fans are creating their own positive press.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. :-)

And I WILL answer your question...

XBOX360 will be outsold by PS3 by a good margin this holiday. I've said it a few times.
And yes, the PS3 is WAY above it on Amazon's Chart. But it should. Shouldn't it?
A desperate slimming down of the console and price will do that.

But you haven't answered mine...

Why are there FAR more XBOX360 Titles high on the list than PS3 titles, and PS3 is STOMPING the XBOX360 in hardware sales?

Your turn. I'll wait for your answer. :-)

talltony3296d ago

Hahahahaha you think by typing alot on every ps3 article you are making a difference? Lol no one cares, remember?

Bumpmapping3296d ago

360 still has the lead over 3-4 million more consoles than PS3,obviously software sales are going to be a higher.But we all know the lead is fading real fast.

Every post you post same BS over and over again I know why you're nervous,scared of Slim affect.All that BS M$ and you bots been saying all generation,is coming back to haunt you.

Next year is going to be the deciding factor of whos going to be in 2nd place for this generation.M$ has one card left "Natal" if that doesn't work them,it's a pretty much guarantee 3rd place for them.

lh_swe3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Didn't you claim in previous post that Sony Fanboys were consipracy theorists and now you basically do the same.

Just because it's a PS3 site doesn't mean that their facts are off.

And even when the PS3 is outselling the 360 which it has done for quite some time you want to make that a bad thing, I am seriously questioning who is desperate here.

Aquarius3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

"always reference where the news is coming from. Sony Fans are creating their own positive press."

You are such a blatant hypocrite, you've been posting the same numbers for PS3 games for well over a month. It is now December. So your just a compulsive liar.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures."

You mean like when Microshaft announced a price cut in desperation 24 hours after SONY?
Or do you mean when Microshaft banned 1million users from XBL so they can get a bump in hardware sales? I mean, why ban them now? It's taken them four years to do this but they haven't sorted out RROD? E-74? Disc-scratching? Price of the accessories?
Or do you mean when Microshaft used bribery to get FFXIII at the last minute last year at E3?
Or was it when Microshaft bought out the company at the last minute that was making NATAL to appear at E3 to give the show more sustenance? ( because MS' E3 was complete garbage )
Or was it when Microshaft delayed HALO ODLC four months because the holiday lineup was like a ghosttown?
Or was is when Microshaft offered several discounts because the 360 hasn't been selling as well since the SLIM from Sept 1st.?


Aquarius3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

The MAJORITY of customers, comes from HALO (and FPS) so Microsoft won't be gaining a good amount of new customers for a while. The MAJORITY of sales are for replacements.

No shooters till after September 2010:

ME2 will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )
SCC will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )
Crackdown 2 will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )
Alan Wake will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )

and by BOT, I defintely mean you, you two-faced bastard.

Hmm...I wonder will you 360 freaks pick up a PS3 for MAG? I mean it only does everything.


Truth, can I just say, there's 3 HALOs coming to PS3 next year worldwide.

FFXIII has its fanbase
GT5 has its fanbase
GOWIII has its fanbase ( plus new ppl who were introduced by GOW Collection )

Expect the PS3 SLIM too literally SHOOT OFF THE SHELVES, when gamers see these games. The 360 hardware sales will more or less remain stagnant from now on.

Idiot can you play sales? That's the most important question.

TheTruth20093296d ago

Remember Sony Fans. YOU created the rules.

You told us:
"XBOX360 had no games."
"XBOX360's best games were multiplats."
"PS3 has the most wanted exclusives."
"PS3 has an AWESOME Holiday Lineup."

And now that those "awesome exclusives" aren't moving, it's because of the console sales variance.

TYPICAL. Change your tune when the truth hits you.

Listen, the PS3's multiplats are selling fine. They are WAY above PS3's exclusives. As a matter of fact, Uncharted 2 is the only exclusive for PS3 in the Top 40. But there are a few PS3 multiplats up there.

So stop with your fabrications.

PS3's exclusives are forgettable.
And you can't stand it.
And NO ONE CARES about them. Just admit it.

So as you were PS3 Fans. Continue the celebration.

But isn't it like being valedictorian at Night School?


MAiKU3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Hey!!! have you met THE REALITY.

Its the thing that states all the truths that are real and makes you cry!

Your tears? one cares one cares one cares one cares one cares

No one can hear you over your crying.

Get off the internet, you're not old enough.

talltony3296d ago

You fail again! Lmao another long post with the same story again. Oh and btw what console has the highest rated games on metacritic? I'll give you a hint it's the console that no one cares about according to you :)

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Dutch Boogie3297d ago

Sony deserves the drastic surge for the playstation family. The new ad campaign is really helping and i honestly believe the ps3 will remain on top for the remainder of this gen unless the 360 can produce a miracle to sway things back into it's favor, and by that i don't mean Natal.

The Wii has that market and the ps3 is soon to join them early 2010. Just like the 360 had one up on the ps3 for a whole year, the ps3 wand will gain mainstream fame earlier in the 2010. M$ had better hope the ps3 wand doesn't garner huge interest with innovative games.

doG_beLIEfs3297d ago

A friend of mine was amazed that the PS3 went on the internet, had a store where you could buy games, movies, could play blu-ray movies, store photos, music, and movies. He thought it just played games and DVD's like his PS2. Needless to say, he is going to get a PS3 under his tree this year as will millions of others.


way better than BAM

Dutch Boogie3297d ago

BOOOM! Well done to you sir. I converted my eldest brother and two of my friends to go ps3.

And yeah i agree BAM sounds corny as a Mother F....

NYC_Gamer3297d ago

PS3 because it only does everything..Booom!

Roper3163297d ago

because it doesn't play PS2 games anymore, so no it doesn't do everything. Luckily I was an early adapter so my PS3 actually does do everything including playing PS2 games.

elorm93297d ago

I bought my system expecting it to do all the things that I didn't wanna do.

I was sad to find out that it doesn't take out the trash, it doesn't do my laundry, it doesn't make me breakfast everyday in the morning, and bunch of other things that I expected it to do! Ugh, maybe I should just consider hiring a maid...

JANF3297d ago

@ Roper316

why are you getting disagrees? what you said is completely true.

sikbeta3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Guys, you Don't have to take it so literally

"It only does everything a gamer that already have a PS2 and is not a whiner can enjoy", now is better for you guys...

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Fatal Blow3297d ago

Christmas for sony is gonna be boom