Why Left 4 Dead 2 sales are good for the game industry

Left 4 Dead 2 sold 2 million units in 2 weeks. That's good for Valve and Electronic Arts, but it's also good for the entire video game industry, which needs hits beyond Modern Warfare 2 to revive its fortunes

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reintype3302d ago

I'm sure VALVE is ecstatic concerning L4D2 sales. They sold 2M copies of what is basically an expansion pack at full retail price, I mean who wouldn't be happy with that? As for EA, well they found their next "MADDEN".

What really happened here, is actually quite detrimental to the Gaming Industry, because we are sending them the wrong message. Because people out there, are willing to accept and pay for slight updates to their favorite franchise, then there is no need for Game Companies to even work hard to bring us a ground breaking title that cost alot of money, if they could get the same result through hype marketing and a rehashed game. From a business standpoint, this makes alot of sense, but from a Gaming perspective it's quite saddening to see.

Mark my words, this is going to be a growing trend in the Gaming Industry.

Odion3302d ago

You are aware that its a really fun game right?

jadenkorri3302d ago

this has been going on long time now, way back in the nintendo days and even on the sega. Mario and sonic seem to ring a bell, even in new technology, developers are already using the same engine. rock band and guitar hero, along with Cod4/5/6. Even Killzone 3 is going to use the same engine from Killzone 2 cause if not, any company that makes there own engine will lose alot of money if used in 1 game. Thou valve is milking there source engine which is what 5 years plus old now.

HolyOrangeCows3302d ago

Because the 'money spent' to 'profit made' ratio is about 1:10000000.

BWS19823302d ago

This is not the same as other franchises, they have a 5 year old engine with tweaks being milked, and very little substance added, so I really don't see how you can draw correlations between this and say a new Killzone or Mario game, those have hours and hours of single player content on top of multiplayer (for KZ) and replayability (for Mario).

Killzone 2's engine is one of the most beautiful in the industry, they worked their asses off for the luxury to sustain that same engine with a few new tweaks for Killzone 3 should they want to. That's not the same as a 5 year old engine on it's umpteenth usage, that is lagging in the visual department.

I've never been a Rock Band/Guitar Hero fan, and that's activision after all, so they are automatically classed as milkers in the first place.

erathaol3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I liked L4D2 more than I ever liked L4D, in fact I hated L4D because it was just a Counter-Strike zombie bot mod refined into a full game. I finally started to warm up to the franchise after playing L4D2 at a friend's house, precisely at the end of Dark Carnival.

So we are clear, L4D2 is pretty much what you payed for with L4D, only better. Same amount of levels, same lack of story, same endless zombie killing but with new characters/weapons/enemies/onl ine-modes.

Yes it is a PC expansion but the idea of an expansion is so damn foreign to console owners that generally they are dumb enough to just buy this game for the same price. EA/Valve certainly wasn't going to put it up on the Marketplace because than Microsoft would cut deep into the online sales. So EA/Valve decided to test the waters and see if they could Madden the franchise, turned out the fans hated that idea but seems like they ending up taking the bait.

Honestly, I don't know what to think of this whole situation. Generally L4D and Madden fans are happy with their purchase, so is it right for me to criticize what people do with their money? I'll say it now, I'm never going to buy a Madden or a L4D game but I would always be happy to join in a match with someone if offered the chance.

STK0263302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

L4D2 isn't any different than most sequels people have been buying for a while, it's not a new phenomenon and it won't go away. While KZ2 was a huge improvement over KZ1 and was built on a totally new kickass engine, the same cannot be said for Ratchet and Clank Future ToD and ACiT. UC2 is also built on the same engine as it's predecessor and while it is an awesome game, it is to UC:DF what L4D2 is to L4D, tweaks and new content. The same can be said about Gears, GoW 1 and 2, Advance Wars to Advance Wars DS, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Resistance, Madden, NHL, CoD, Halo 3 ODST, AC, etc.

Have you played L4D2 and compared it to the first one? Just because it's built on the same engine with the same concept doesn't automatically makes it nothing more than a mere expansion, as it'S filled with content and is simply a better game.

As for the "source is outdated" argument, what are you expecting from VALVe, to release a game on a competitor's engine? Or would it make sense to build an engine from the ground up just for L4D2, while the next VALVe engine is currently in the works and to be released in 1 to 2 years? Sure, no one will argue with the fact that Source cannot compete with some of the newer engines like the one used in KZ, UC or even the latest version of UE3, but that doesn'T mean the games are ugly by any mean. Are we really such graphic whores that good graphics with great gameplay is not to be considered as good as awesome graphics with below decent gameplay?

Also, in most places, L4D2 retails at a very low price, 40$ here in Canada. That's the price of the run of the mill expansion for a PC game, so even if it were an expansion, where's the problem, it's priced like one.

Kevin ButIer3302d ago

Why Left 4 Dead 2 sales are good for the game industry? °o°

Its a funny game but it doesnt deserve this level of attention, first one was a cool concept...

but ey, 2nd is more of the same, Valve should wait, improve and release a more complete game

ohhh Valve... U should learn from ND or Santa Monica...

Tex1173302d ago

Im with you. Sales are always good, but just a rehash of a game and boxed at full price is bad for the people making and playing games for the increasing creative and artistic nature of the medium.

[email protected]3302d ago

When you have very little exclusive games this is what happens when a half decent one comes along. I mean no offense but what else are 360 owners buying these days :-/

Serial_EDX3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

This is no different then any sequel. It added new gameplay elements, New Maps, New weapons, New characters, New mode, Updated graphics, Better AI, More creatures.

HOW THE F-CK can this be DLC...You can't just add that in a DLC update. Some of you are pathetic. Actually everyone of you saying this should have been DLC is pathetic. Its a completely new game, So what if it uses the same engine. So did Half-life, Portal, Team fortes. How about UC1 and UC2. I mean get off your high horse. And the sad part. most of the people complaing saying its DLC is the people who have not bought the game and have not played the game. YEA I'M TALKING TO YOU PS3 FANBOYS.


There is only 1 game left on the ps3 I want, and that's demo souls. So 2 games all together I would play on my ps3. LBP and Demo souls. And guess what. My 360 has over 124 games played.

T_T hmmm I wonder why I have no games left. I've played em all.

sikbeta3302d ago

"Why Left 4 Dead 2 sales are good for the game industry"

Eh... now L4D is the only important game or something?

The sales of every good game are important, not just one

The Game industry is more bigger than this kid think

Godmars2903301d ago

Are you honestly trying to draw comparison to L4D which is based on the Half Life engine, an engine over ten years old, to KZ2 to KZ3, a direct squeal?

raztad3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )


I can agree that ACiT is more or less the same ToD, engine-wise. It got the same engine with some tweaks and color palette changes but there is not way ACiT can be an expansion pack of ToD. AciT story arc is way longer, the game itself is like twice the size of ToD.

Now regarding UC2 I couldnt disagree more. In fact trying to compare L4D2 to UC2 is absurd in terms of what has been added/improved. UC2 is leaps and bounds beyond UC1. The same cant be said about L4D2. The very fact L4D2 had less than one year of development/testing time is very telling.

Serial_EDX3301d ago

So if a company takes less then a Year to make a new game, they are not trying.

WTF then why is there a new car model every year from cars. Or how about TV series...come the F on. You guys are pathetic. Just cause it took a year. doesn't mean they didn't try get over it its a great game.

STK0263301d ago

Well, for one, I'm glad you took the time to explain your point, rather than giving a stealth disagree, something that seems to be too common here on N4G.

As for the fact that ACiT is twice as big as ToD, I'm willing to believe you, however, I'd add that in the past, we've seen expansion being bigger than the original game they're based on. WH40K:DoW:DC being a huge improvement over the original game, Red Alert 2 : YR (from my picture you might guess I'm a fan) almost doubled the number of units in the game, added 2 players to the maximum of players in MP, boosted the resolution the game could be run at. What I'm trying to say is not that ACiT should have been an expansion, but rather that the expression "expansion" has been given a really negative feel to it, mostly by the console crowd.

Expansions, aswell as stand alone expansions, have been around for years on PC, and for as long as they'Re fun and add something worthwhile to the overall experience, are a welcome addition. I don't mind people calling L4D2 a glorified stand alone expansion, as it's mostly what it is, I simply fail to understand how it is a bad thing all of a sudden. And while I could understand the criticism regarding ODST, as it was and still is full price, L4D2 now usually retails for less than 40$, which for those of you who don't know, is an acceptable price for an expansion. So why the outrage?

I'll admit that comparing L4D2 to UC2 was pushing it. But the "one year to develop" argument isn't suited for L4D2, as this game is a MP only game, does not, and isn't intended to feature a "real" SP mode, therefor, shorter development times are to be expected. Also, L4D2 is powered by Source, an engine Valve built and knows better than anyone else, they've had years to perfect their way of using it, on the other hand ND still has yet to use their engine to its full potential.

BWS19823301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I have to respectfully disagree with just one thing: the price of least around here, the 360 version regularly priced (not Black Friday sales) is $60, the highest they go around here. Then the PC version is $50, the highest (with exception of MW2) they go as well. They both got $10-$20 discounts around Thanksgiving at many places, but are going back up to regular prices. You're right, expansions like Yuri's Revenge are great value, though, but around here, they're usually new for $30 to $40 tops, often $20 or $30 though. L4D 2 is going for a full $50.

I am a HUUUGE Red Alert 2 fan (all RTS's but mainly Westwoods C & C, especially the Red Alert Universe) and have always enjoyed reading your posts. This is the first time I didn't see eye to eye with you, and it's really just about the price issue. Valve is releasing the game as almost an upgraded version, the reviews have stated if you have neither and want one, get # 2 as it's the definitive and better version. It's almost like it's a "deluxe" edition in a way, as according to many, it's redundant to own both at this stage. I think they SHOULD have made it $40 for the 360, and $30 for the PC one, regularly priced (around here)....that's about 33-40% *less* than they priced them. They instead have them fully priced to the max, when I think many people's issue is with that. That's my issue with them.

Again, I'd rather do this and maturely (rare on here) explain myself as I retain my respect and affinity for your presence. Take care.

STK0263301d ago

Well, thank you for your respectful comment. And yeah, for the price, maybe I got carried away after seeing it at my local Futureshop going for 40$ on X360, therefor thinking it was the new price and not a temporary price drop caused by the black friday (like in the US). I also saw this article on N4G about the price in the UK having received a significant drop aswell, sorry, my mistake.

Have a nice day.

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Sarcasm3302d ago

What's going to happen is that Left4Dead 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be out Quarterly. Yes, a new Left4Dead every 3 months.

TheIneffableBob3302d ago

I think you dropped your /s tag somewhere.

SDF Repellent3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

"What's going to happen is that Left4Dead 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be out Quarterly. Yes, a new Left4Dead every 3 months. "

Not before Ratchet and Clank 14,15,16,17,18,19, and 20 coming out twice every month until the end of the PS3 10 year cycle. Seriously, there are only 2 L4D games.

How many COD, Madden, Fifa, Ratchet, Singstar, and Mario game have came out?

raztad3301d ago

Come on SDF repellent you could do better.

R&C franchise is like 7 years old and there is a gap of TWO years between both PS3 iterations. I believe R&C franchise is already complete, hardly we will be seeing a new release anytime soon. On the other hand, L4D is a last year game and it already got a sequel.

LeonSKennedy4Life3302d ago

You guys obviously haven't played it yet.

I have the PC version. It's absolutely incredible! So addicting!

Kevin ButIer3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Uncharted 2 is Only on PS3

TheTruth20093302d ago

Just the factual evidence raining down on Sony Fans heads.

How are those exclusives doing? :-)

While you try to call Left4Dead 2 a non-exclusive, XBOX360 Fans are too busy breaking sales records.

By the way, Gabe Newell just called.

He says, and I quote... "Suck it."


baum3302d ago

Exclusive 360 flops
Banjo Kazooie 0.6 million
Ninety-Nine Nights 0.38 million
Ace Combat 6 0.72 million
Lost Odyssey 0.82 million
Blue Dragon 0.53 million
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 0.2 million
Too Human 0.64 million
Scene-It 0.53 million
Scene-It box office smash 0.46 million
Chromehounds 0.4 million
Shadowrun 0.39 million
You're in the movies 0.43 million
Lips 0.5 million
Prey 0.28 million
Tenchu Z 0.33 million
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise: 0.33 million
MotoGP '06, 0.26 million
Ninja Blade 0.17 million
Viva Piñata: Party animals 0.17 million
The Idol Master: 0.07 million
Leisure Suit Larry Box office Bust 0.07 million
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad 0.05 million
Lips #1 Hits: 0.04 million
Ridge Racer 6 0.2 million

Timed exclusive flops

Ninja Gaiden 2 0.96 million
Tales of Vesperia 0.45 million
Alone in the Dark 0.39 million
Vampire Rain 0.15 million
Eternal Sonata 0.24 million
Overlord II 0.18 million
Overlord 0.41 million
Infinite Undiscovery 0.54 million
Star Ocean IV 0.55 million
Last remnant 0.59 million
Beautiful Katamari 0.26 million
C&C3:RA 0.29 million

Multiplat 360 flops

SFIV PS3 = 1.45 million, 360 = 1.29 million
DMC4 PS3 = 1.26 million, 360 = 1.17 million
VF5 PS3 = 0.5 million, 360 = 0.2 million
Batman Arkham asylum PS3 = 1.26 million 360 = 1.06 m
Burnout Paradise PS3 1.12 million X360 1.09 million
Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3 0.62 million X360 0.27 million
Bladestorm PS3 0.22 million X360 0.09 million
Tekken 6 PS3 0.56 million X360 0.26 million

Come on, Xtard. "GO AND BUY SOMETHING" :-)

OH that's right... it has to be a shooter.

Cyrax_873302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Seriously, just LOL

"XBOX360 Fans are too busy breaking sales records."

Dude...the PS3 is the one breaking sales records >_>

maniacmayhem3302d ago

and extremely fun to play. One of the best multiplayer experiences to date.

I'm glad it did well, lets hope they keep up the tremendous work.

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