IncGamers: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Review

IncGamers' Peter Parrish takes on Croteam and Devolver Digital's time-spanning FPS remake.

From the review:

"Videogames aren't exactly strangers to the re-release concept. All manner of classic (and not so classic) retro games have found themselves tarted up and ported to new platforms over the years. Back in July we saw something a bit more impressive; a Special Edition release of Monkey Island that added fancy-pants new graphics, a re-recorded soundtrack and full voice acting. Released with a modest price tag, it was by and large received rather well.

All of which brings us to Serious Sam HD. 'HD' in this case being shorthand for Holy crap Didn't they make this look nice."

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Fyzzu3271d ago

Eh, harsh but fair. For better or worse, it's Serious Sam, but prettier.

Leord3271d ago

Yeah, well ,what to say?

Good looking isn't everything...