Empire: Total War MP Beta, DLC Announced

NowGamer: The long-awaited campaign co-op mode will be available to test in open-beta this month

Owners of the game will be able to download the beta via Steam from December 7; partakers will be able to go head-to-head, or play co-op against the AI with another player on the full campaign map...

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3273d ago
StarScream4Ever3273d ago

Yes, finally the chance to see how the co-op mode would work. The chance to conquer real life opponents territory has been a long wish for me in a TW game. :D And the new North American DLC is a much better improvement than the last DLC, though I wish they add another episodic DLC such as the Seven Year War.

Pumbli3273d ago

I hope they'll release all DLC on a disc at retail eventually. :P

Icelanders can't buy off Steam.

Gish3273d ago

I will finally get to play this game as its meant to be played with no slowdown. got my phenom II black edition in the mail with my new 5750 and 4 gigs of ram. complete upgrade for my comp for about 350. not too shabby.