Assassin's Creed II - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: I will be the first one to admit that I was not a fan of the original Assassin's Creed. The repetition and blandness of the mission structure grew tiresome after the first couple of missions. This disappointed me as I was really into the story and how it was progressing. When I first popped in the sequel I once again found myself not really digging how things were playing out. Then once I got past the initial introduction I found myself obsessed with the life of Ezio and the world of AC2. The sequel to one of the freshest ideas to come along is exactly what I had hoped the original game had been, and if you are a fan of the action adventure genre you need to own this game without question.

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themyk3248d ago

i should play the first one. i bet this one is waaaay better.

Freak of Nature3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The 1st one was a "flawed masterpiece". It had such potential.But they missed it in a few areas,mainly "repetitive gameplay"...

They listened to the fans,the game is well rounded and fun in all departments,very indepth and a must play. And now IMO they do have a masterpiece,and a top 3 to 5 game in most peoples GOTY lists, and this in a year of 10 or so top notch games.

pyramid3248d ago

Game is so boring.Go for Uncharted 1 or 2.

Kaneda3248d ago

It was kind boring at first.. but as you go further in to the story. It is really good.

Ju3248d ago

I thought the same at first. I even called it the biggest disappointment of the year. But now, that I am further into the game, it really starts to amaze me. I can see it becoming a bit repetitive at times, but the level of detail in the cities is really amazing (including the back story to buildings and characters).

My only critics would be the low quality of cut scenes and its character models. It seams to run with the game engine, but that doesn't seam to scale well on closeups (that is, higher poly count in closed environments), so faces and other environmental details (lamps, etc) look really creepy at times. But other then that, its a great game.

-Mezzo-3248d ago

I agree with you CAT, this game is great so much better then the first one.

But I Loved The First One As Well.

Cat3248d ago

Actually, this is ZT's content, but I'm sure he'll be happy you agree with him!

SIX3248d ago

Great review for a great game. Too many glitches and funny AI keeps the score down a bit for me. Graphics look good at first but get progressively better. Upgrades,addictive puzzles, and great story keep it from getting dull like the first game. In the top 5 best games of the year for sure. Get it! I didn't like the first game, but this one certainly makes up for the first. I want to see the next one either in modern day times or in the future like in Blade Runner.

eddispider3248d ago

This has to be the lamest game ever. Its no gameplay what so ever.
The game is incomplete. Would give it a weak 6 at most.

Filet of Children3248d ago

Obvious troll is obvious.

More on-topic though, I'd absolutely put AC2 in my top three games of the year, along with Uncharted 2 and Arkham Asylum.

VanHalen3248d ago

How can anyone say this game is boring, lol? To be honest, the first one got very repetetive for me, to the point that i even took it back. I decided to take a chance with the second one because of all the changes and now its definately one of my top 3 games as well. This is right up there with U2 and Borderlands, no contest! They have made so many changes, its likes a whole new game almost. Theres no point on ever playing the first AC after playing this. Its like the first one was a broken game or rough draft compared to this. Go play it, everything about it is incredible!

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