Modern Warfare 2 US banned in Germany

The PC versions of the Modern Warfare 2 US edition and Left 4 Dead 2 EU edition have been banned in Germany. Thus they may only be sold to people older than 18 years. Furthermore it is not allowed to advertise the games anymore.

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vhero3248d ago

Bit late to ban weeks after launch no?

Darkstorn3248d ago

Poor Germany, they're still using censorship as a way to make up for their past. Censoring games is NOT the way to rationalize it.
And Americans shouldn't be so arrogant. I know many a politician who would eagerly ban violent games in the States (I'm looking at you, Sam Brownback). Sarah Palin bragged about burning books, are games next?

IdleLeeSiuLung3248d ago

Sorry, but I love it here in the US. It is not perfect, but for the most part I get to buy whatever I want. I rarely if ever hear about banned video games unless it is sex related. Then of course the tables have turned, but then again there aren't too many games designed around the idea of controversial sex.

CobraKai3248d ago

Same here. We are a young country and still have room to grow. Thank God for freedom of speech. USA! USA!

Mindboggle3248d ago

Or you could live in England, where nothing gets banned. You got more freedom of speech than any other country. And you can sit in a cafe without the risk of being shot.

IdleLeeSiuLung3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Sorry, but I used to live in Norway and UK. I remember importing movies from the UK only to find them censored. It then became the norm to avoid UK released movies, the ones with the huge @ss red ring on the front announcing the age restriction.

I'm not so sure about the gaming scene though, but in the few later years Norway seem to have just gotten the German, French and UK released in one instead.

Personally, I still prefer the US despite some major issues.

Darkstorn3248d ago

Actually England doesn't have the highest level of freedom in the world. The Economist did a great study on political and economic freedom a while ago:
The United States has the lowest civil liberties score of any full democracy.
Sweden seems to be on top, but I've seen studies in which Denmark takes the cake.

jessupj3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Read a few of the more heinous articles here and tell me the USA is as good as you think it is. I suggest searching under 'false rape' and 'custody'. I'm Australian, but we're not much better here. UK and Cananda are just as bad as well.

The more that young (and older for that matter) men educate themselves the better chance they can shield themselves and the better chance the laws and mentalities might actually change.

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Bush3248d ago

Wow banning a game not even out yet Alien vs Predator looks awsome

peeps3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

"Thus they may only be sold to people older than 18 years. "

wasn't it this in the first place? its 18+ in the uk by the bbfc. wot sort of rating system allows a game to release then weeks later changes the rating?? lol

and also where does it say it's been banned?? according to the article you can still buy it, you just need to be 18 (which i presumed you would have to be anyway)

TABSF3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The Governments of the world are getting to powerful

Viva la revolution.

Its not like they are spotting wars in the real world!!!

If they just played games the world would be so much safer (does not stop nerd rage :])

Darkstorn3248d ago

By getting too powerful do you mean setting up too much of a social safety net for the poor and working class? Government is a solution to most of the world's greatest problems, as long as it is not inept government.
And by the way, most of the 'Big Brother'-esque policies which we are seeing these days are the result of corporations lobbying politicians to eliminate opponents in industry. So the question must be asked: Whose side are you on? The government or the business sector? Since government must regulate corporations in the interest of the populace, I'd gladly take a strong central government over rule by corporations (which is inherently NOT in the public interest).

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