Demo Dante's Inferno dated in Europe for 24 December

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that a playable demo of Dante's Inferno will be freely downloadable from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on December 24.

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Rampaged Death3272d ago

As my title says the article is wrong. PSN will be getting it December 10th and XBL will be getting it December 24th.

Alan Wake3272d ago

waiting for X360 + better version

Double073272d ago


This article is also wrong, PSN gets it on December 10th whilst you guys have to wait another 2 weeks anyways so enjoy that. But im sure you wont care too much because in your ming you'll be getting the "better version" right? ;)

Alan Wake3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Same Bayonetta X360 >> PS3 Crap Version