Your Holiday Xbox 360 Propaganda

Kotaku: A mailer showed up in the Kotaku NYC office yesterday. It contained some hype for the Xbox 360, in the form of a psychiatric examination, complete with case studies and Rorschach test.

Shall we credit Microsoft for creativity? For pushing Xbox Live Gold features while promoting a $199 price? For excluding Velocity Girl?

Click the thumbnails to check out - and enlarge - most of what they sent.

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Guido3301d ago

MS is smart in that they save money by sending one copy of this propaganda to Kotaku and have them spend their bandwidth pushing it out to the consumers. Kudos to Kotaku for proving once again that they are the handiest of tools!

FishCake9T43301d ago

So. Mabye the casual gamer buying the console might not want to play online. How is this any different to "It only does everything"? Then again Sony need all the advertising they can get to get out of the red.