Sony "haven't confirmed" UK Heavy Rain date

SCEE has responded to this morning's report that Heavy Rain has picked up a February release date in Japan.

"I can't comment on Japan I'm afraid," a company spokesperson told CVG, adding "we haven't confirmed a release date for the UK yet".

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riksweeney3154d ago

Oh no, what am I going to do? If only the PS3 wasn't region locked I could import it...

mrv3213154d ago

It's such a shame it's Games are region locked and it's add-ons very expencive because it doesn't use universal stuff :P

Fishy Fingers3154d ago

PS3 and the games are region free are they not?

mrv3213154d ago

I think MOST are, Like 99% of them anyway. I was making a sarcastic comment :P

sikbeta3153d ago

This is not about region free or not, this game is BIG and needs to be everywhere

Come on Sony, a big release for a big game

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ArmGunnar3154d ago

Euh guy ... the PS3 isn't region locked :)

Dutch Boogie3154d ago

Come on Sony don't shaft us on this game now. I still believe if a game is developed in a certain region then it should be release there first (in this case Europe first) then the rest of the world. It's only fair unless they plan a world wide release.

Fatal Blow3154d ago

I hope this comes out to us the same time as japan

InLaLaLand3154d ago

that SCEE act like jabronis sometimes when it comes down to content.