Hexus: The Saboteur Preview

Hexus writes: "Most of the major games for 2009 have now been released, but Electronic Arts has been holding one game back which they hope will grab everyone's attention upon its release on December 4th. We've been playing the PC version of The Saboteur for the last few days, but can't write about it until December 3rd when the embargo lifts.

We'll publish our full review then, but as it's the last of the bigs games of 2009, we thought we'd let you know what it's all about.

From Pandemic Studios, the team behind the likes of Mercenaries 2 and Star Wars Battlefront, The Saboteur is an open world action/adventure where you star as a Saboteur as he fights, climbs, and races through a uniquely stylised version of Nazi-occupied France, which blossoms into colour as you elimate the enemy."

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reintype3301d ago

It's a preview not a review. :(