Earn all 69 Spec ops stars in Modern Warfare 2 by savegame hack

PS3-Sense writes: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a Spec ops mode. This mode gives you the oppurtunity to play with your friends or family over the web or at your home.
A member of PS3-Sense discovered that it's possible to earn all 69 stars in Modern Warfare 2 by a hack in the savegame. Of course he filmed this and shows us how to earn all 69 stars. Infinity Ward didn't responded (yet) about this hack.

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bruddahmanmatt3031d ago

Knowing IW there will be a fix soon...and by soon I mean sometime next winter.

guitarded773031d ago

The title should be changed, because this is not "earning" them!

Serjikal_Strike3031d ago

out of playing games...
not my cup of tea...I'll earn my trophies the hard way!

FACTUAL evidence3031d ago

you'll get banned trust me....the time on the trophies will get you bagged if anything....but have fun doing peeps if you please...good thing i got all 69 stars legibly.

Pillage053031d ago

why did they waste their time finding a hack to get all of the stars...why not just earn them the legitimate way and have fun with a buddy while doing it. I've only got one more star to go! I just don't see the point in cheating?

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SeanScythe3031d ago

Yeah and now if I see someone on my friends list with Plat and they have 5 trophies all unlocked in the same minute I'll know they cheated.

vhero3031d ago

Yep no doubt they will get banned from online play for doing it.

mrv3213031d ago

Sony don't really ban for trophy cheats it's a waste of time and effort.

IdleLeeSiuLung3031d ago

This sucks, but I keep hearing about save game hacks on the PS3. I vaguely remember seeing something about unlocking achievements on the 360. Anyone know anything about this?

NotSoSilentBob3031d ago

I agreed with you as in Ninja Gaiden II I think it was if you watched a replay of someone you would be awarded the same achievements they had gotten in that video.

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darkeva933031d ago

Way to take all the fun out of earning trophies. =/

Pennywise3031d ago

I agree... but usually it is the devs that take the fun out of getting trophies with their ridiculous requirements.

FarEastOrient3031d ago

Street Fighter IV I'm looking at you...

TABSF3031d ago

I was going to say good for you now wheres the hacks, then I read the title

FACTUAL evidence3031d ago

high explosive was a b!tch on glad that's over.

Fishy Fingers3031d ago

I got all 69 the old fashioned way :)

With a little help from my friends of course.

Samer3053031d ago

Yep same here. Man that is not fair at all. Those last spec ops trophies were tough.

TheHater3031d ago

And to be honest, those 69 stars were a joke. The only mission we had problem with was Wetwork because we either kill a hostage or shoot an explosive with bullet penetration.

BX813031d ago

I'm about to get all 69 stars I just gotta finish wet work with my boy! He keeps shooting the barrels at the end. I'm playing it for the 360 and once I get this achievement it'll be the 1st game I got all the achievements other than that free doritos game but that doesn't count!

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The story is too old to be commented.