Sony 'can't comment' on potential ModNation for PSP

Destructoid: According to a GameStop listing, United Front Games' upcoming create-play-share racer ModNation Racers for PlayStation 3 may also be making its way to the PlayStation Portable. Simply listed as ModNation (and separate from the ModNation Racers listing for PlayStation 3), the PSP title looks slated to ship no earlier than June of next year.

"Unfortunately, we can't comment on rumors or speculation related to ModNation Racers," a Sony rep told us when we contacted them about the potential PSP racer.

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alphakennybody3273d ago

it's bound to come on the psp just like lbp, I would love it to be on psp and let the quys who did the lbp psp port it.

butterfinger3273d ago

this on GameStop's website a while back, and I really hope that it makes it to the PSP. I would love to have a Mario Kart-esque game to play on my PSPgo.

alphakennybody3273d ago

with the play creat share,sony found it's answer for the mario crowd who would like something at the same time different but but somehow familiar feelings. LBP Thats a once in a generation of console game type just like MODnation is gonna be. You can't make some kind of sequel,so the only way to move the game is to find an alternate platform which is the psp.

pain777pas3272d ago

PSP LBP plays great! This is a no brainer but please push for infrastructure support!

ThePlaystation3guy3273d ago

There's no release date for the PS3 version and yet there is word about a PSP version? Oy.

Anyone else have a voucher for the beta? I need someone to EAT MY DUST as I past them!! BWUHAHAHA!

colonel1793273d ago

but I am more interested in creating tracks. I got frustrated that I couldn't do much with LBP levels since I don't have too much time. Hopefully making tracks in this game is as deep, but somehow easier. I want to replicate some Motorstorm tracks if possible, that'd be awesome...

JohnTheBaptist3273d ago

It will surely be another flop for the flop handheld.

alphakennybody3273d ago

LBP psp says otherwise one of the best handheld game so far in my books so much stuff cram into it and works just like its predecessor which was a huge success by the way.

butterfinger3273d ago

attack the PS3, so now you have shifted your focus to the PSP? LMAO. What a sad little person you have become! How many accounts is this for you now? I'm guessing more than 10...

rawd3273d ago

<veruca salt>

I want Modnation Racers now. now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now

</veruca salt>

JeepGamer3273d ago

It's becoming increasingly clear that all Sony does is say to both first, second and third party development...

'You made a popular game that was well liked by fans on the PS3, now find a way to put it on the PSP.'

I have a feeling this is how Valkyria Chronicles 2 ended up on the PSP instead of the PS3 where it belonged. If the new PSP is going to get heavy on the download games I don't see why they can't just let us play them on the PS3.

Enigma_20993273d ago

But I can't debate your "shovelware" theory... because you're kinda right.

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