N4G May Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the May contest.

Contributor of the Month
The highest contributor score in May was achieved by deep. The contributor score is determined by the number of submitted news stories and the bonus score for each story.

Prize: $500 in cash

Hottest News Post
The hottest news post in May was submitted by macsto

Prize: $500 in cash

Congratulations to the two winners!

PS: We will announce a new contest for June shortly.

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fenderputty3821d ago

N4G paid for Deep's new shinny PS3!

CyberSentinel3820d ago

If only it were this easy to get some games for the p0s3.

3820d ago
Cartesian3D3821d ago

CONGRATZ DEEP!! ...and macsto..


drtysouf213821d ago

But you got some heavy competition this time lol!

TnS3821d ago

You are a machine, deep. :)

Kastrol3821d ago

congrats deep and excellent news at that you have been submitting

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The story is too old to be commented.