Edge Interview: Yasuhiro Wada

Edge: This port from Wii to Xbox 360 and PS3 might have passed almost unnoticed if it was not for its context. Producing gamer-orientated games for Wii has been a distinguishing feature of Marvelous Entertainment's recent activity, from the excellent Little King's Story to Muramasa: The Demon Blade. After all, if the company can find a way to access the vast number of Wii units on the market, it would have big hits on its hands. But it looks like this aim has not been an easy target to meet – its latest financial figures suggest that three of its four more recent Wii games have failed to be profitable.

No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture is another company often associated with the Nintendo world. But Marvelous is about to make a major move toward development for the high definition consoles in asking Lost Odyssey developer Feelplus to undergo the task to port No More Heroes from Wii to PS3 and 360.

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JohnTheBaptist3276d ago

A move to The Xbox 360™ will guarantee swift sales as they release the definitive version on the console that truly does everything,The Xbox 360™.

Sadly the Sony Fantards will get the inferior version that their console, and they, deserve. And when it is released Sony Fantards around the world will cry more tears as various gaming websites release comparison articles showing the lack of quality that define ps3 ports compared to The Xbox 360™ version.

PS3 = Play behind. Way behind.

Noctis Aftermath3276d ago

wow way to spin, if anything both xbox and ps3 players shouldn't be happy about this, after all it is basically a grab for cash seeing how the title basically flopped on the wii(suprise?)

3276d ago