Yahoo Games: Five Games That Could Spoil Xmas

Yahoo! Games UK writes:

"If you're gift-buying for gamers this year make sure you're getting the right one. With so many sequels and eye-catching gimmicks out there, browsing can be tough.

Gone are the days when real stinkers populated store shelves for console games, but you can still be tempted by big names that don't deliver. Here's our shortlist of titles you'll almost certainly recognise but may not be entirely gratefully received."

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gaffyh3304d ago

I agree with most of the list, except Eyepet. Of course if you're a middle aged journalist for Yahoo! Games you're not going to like EyePet, because it's FOR KIDS.

I bought it for whenever my nephew is over at my house, and he loves it. It is the only game that makes him forget about LBP or "Sackboy" as the game is known. It does my head in watching, but he loves playing it, so I'd say to anyone who has young children (under 8 years old), DEFINITELY get Eyepet, it's cheaper than a normal game too!

vhero3304d ago

I agree about eyepet my kids love it so much I don't let them play it no more to stop the damn arguing!

3304d ago