To NoobTube or not to NoobTube

Noob Saibot, from Gameolio, writes:

With the Call of Duty series and some other games, came the term known as Noob Tubing. What is it exactly you might ask? Well in a first person shooter there are weapons that come with a grenade launcher attachment. This attachment can easily be fired at the general vicinity of your target and allow yourself to score a kill, or two, possible three if you are a real jerk.

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thor3300d ago

The fact is that in most games these weapons ARE NOT BALANCED. Seriously, with one weapon you need to carefully aim it towards a player and land at least a couple of shots on them, whereas with the other you can aim in their general direction and get a kill every time.

Look at how games of old handled these kind of weapons. Take Quake 3 Arena for example. The rocket launcher in that game doesn't create a huge blast radius that's almost impossible to dodge. If you are close enough so that you can't dodge it, it doesn't kill you in one hit. It's no easier to use than, say, the railgun which requires perfect accuracy - because if I don't hit you with perfect accuracy with the RL (and even if I do but you have high HP), it's not going to kill you. Grenades in that game can't just be spammed at will at any time - they have a small blast radius, are easily avoided unless you're in a corner, cannot be 'cooked' and are a seperate weapon. If you start firing random grenades everywhere you will NOT get lots of random kills. Likewise when you die it will very rarely be from a random rocket or grenade - it will be from a weapon someone has aimed at you.

Why do games of today forget these principles of balance in order to offer easy kills (and easy deaths) to everyone?

ASSASSYN 36o3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Because variety and shifting balance is the only way to creates dynamic battles. Engagements of chance depending on weapon load outs (Call of duty specifically) you made and committed with to join the game is what is fun. You all would complain and lose interests if everyone had the same gun. How many sniper on sniper games can you handle? Get's boring after a while.

And for all the people claiming foul on campers. A grenade launcher seems to fix that pretty quick. No complaints then.

Most people I see crying foul about noob tubes are hypocrites.

Hell if game weapons are cheap don't join the military. The weapons the U.S. deploy will blow you away with there simplicity and lethality. Life is not fair but people want a game to be?

Shotgun_Roamer3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Ah, yah, and it's not like they'd be breaking new ground. Hence the phrase, "alternate reality", for the purpose of, fill it in Captain IQ, esaping reality.

BX813300d ago

Either way the M203 is supposed to be an area weapon. If you're 15meters from a 40mm going off best believe your going to feel it.

BlackTar1873300d ago

i want it to be because of skill not because of chance that some scrub will pull out something that doesn't take any skill.

I like skill i can see how someone who defends noobtubing and missile launchers can hope it comes down to chance.

STK0263300d ago

It has to be balanced, otherwise IW would remove it, just like leaning.

UnwanteDreamz3300d ago

If you can't beat em quit or get better. Problem solved.

edhe3300d ago

Anyone that complains about people using a weapon in a game that's officially not overpowered is a noob indeed.

Those that use it are just being sensible. If you've got the skills to use it then hurrah.

ArmrdChaos3300d ago

They still fall under the classification of NTD (No Talent Device) along with shot guns and riot shields. At least some of the weapons in akimbo mode needs some aim. I don't think the problems are the is the players that choose to use them to point of being annoying. If it becomes a problem then make sure you are on with a few friends and make it a point to constantly hunt them down until they decide to take their nuisance elsewhere...simple.

Veneno3300d ago

It's a me...........................

GAMEO-LIO !!!!!!!!!!

thor3300d ago

Notice that I'm not saying that I can't beat these people using these noob weapons. But the easiest way TO beat them is to use the overpowered weapon itself. This, if everybody simply wanted to get the most kills possible, would result in everybody using the more powerful weapon. But it's boring to use the same weapon all the time, and THAT is what people complain about.

It's like camping - the "best" strategy in almost ANY online game (to get the highest KPD) is to camp in a corner where nobody can see you and shoot people as they come past. But if everyone camps, the game is boring! So people complain about campers, because whilst, yes, the camper is using the best strategy, people could use the same strategy themselves but have chosen not to because it makes the game boring.

In the same way, the "best" strategy is to use grenade launchers and other overpowered weapons, but if everybody uses them, all the time, the game is boring. So people complain about people who use them, because whilst, yes, the noobtuber is using the best strategy, people could use the same strategy themselves but have chosen not to because it makes the game boring.

In most games there becomes a point where there is an unwritten code - for instance, on many CS:S servers people will opt for the Scout rather than the AWP, because people know the AWP is overpowered and unfair. (Some servers explicitly restrict its use). In Killzone 2, you choose a class other than the assault class with a rocket launcher for the same reasons, and some servers explicitly restrict its use also.

shawnsl653299d ago

that awp in cs doesn't always kill in 1 shot though. Sometimes people survive with 12hp when shot at the foot or arms. Any weapon can be overpowered when the weapons are being used by a skilled player. Same on the other side, if you're skilled enough to not expose your location and still kill, why complain? Unless.. the complainers are noobs (which most likely is the case). Remember bunny hop from CS? Knife + bhop = R.I.P. til the crybabies started complaining how unfair it is cause they couldn't bhop.

RedSky3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The reason why they're doing it simple.

If you ask most people, especially a couple of years ago they'd say that they don't play video games and if they do, it's the single player. Even now it's true.

The fact is most good MP games require time to get good at, and your average casual gamer who just finished the SP on easy, saved the world and feels like he is top sh1t doesn't like being owned by someone who's played FPSs for several years before he even knew they existed. Instead, nowadays any 10 year old can jump in, get some lucky tube/nade kills, follow that up with an airstrike, and whatever manner of other arcadey powerups that MW2 is chock full of and feel gratified.

Well that and the same group of people's obsession with realism. Realism may well belong in SP but sure as hell not MP. Who cares if grenade launchers really exist. If they destroy the gameplay and make living and dying random they don't need to be there or should be drastically toned down. How far do you want realism to go, do you want reloads to function like they do in real life instead of topping up your ammo? Do you want a game where you're crippled by one bullet? No? Then stop being a hypocrite.

Not to turn this into a MW2 thread, but this is part of the insult of crippling customisation. Hardcore gamers were A OK with noobtubes as long as they could play in their separate custom games with the necessary restrictions. No longer.

Guido3299d ago

Sorry, but the only real jerks in that case are the three idiots that are running around the map huddled together. If you group up at all, stay in pairs, not threes. Fire forward and cover rear in pairs. Watch your corners and move immediately after firing your weapon. Noob tubes are useful when you have a team full of campers. It all balances out in the end. My favorite weapon so far is the SCAR with a silencer and the ninja perk along with the ability to run unlimited and lightweight. You can do some major sneaking and never have to camp. I hate campers... They are even worse than noob tubers.

Viper73299d ago

Many multi player games fail miserably with rocket launchers and grenade launchers. They either have too much ammo, or they are way too powerful and easy to get. Killzone2 for example had these freaking "berserker" assault n00bs who just ran around shooting bazooka in to a random direction hoping to get a kill or 2 then die and repeat the process.

Then there are these games where every1 just throws their grenades at the beginning of a game to the other side of the map to hope for few lucky kills.

Before few patches, in resistance multi player there where really no reason to use anything else than carbine. Why? well since carbine grenade was a instant kill and as most players where using them it wasn't too hard to get 1-2 grenades to get quick kills. It was more of battle between reflexes on how managed to shoot the grenade first.

Too many multi player games get ruined by these weapons.

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lh_swe3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

But I don't like noob tubing because it's basically hard to anticipate no matter how fast you reaction speed is a camper pumping a rocket into your chest is extremely hard to avoid.

FishCake9T43300d ago

Whatever floats your boat.

SeanScythe3300d ago

I only use it until I get the unlock for it then I get rid of it.

Hideo_Kojima3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Why would you stop using it?
You should use what you enjoy to get unlocks.

ASSASSYN 36o3300d ago

And if there was no grenade launcher, people will complain about the Barrett, no Barrett then all complaints go to the rocket launchers. It never ends. There is always someone who believes a item offered by a game should not be used to maintain some sort of pathetic sense of gaming honor.

I use what I feel like and how I feel like using it. Some days I feel like a grenade launcher and some days a rocket. Crying about it won't change my weapon choice.

BlackTar1873300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

yes its not fair people want balance the fact you say hypocrites and stuff is hilarious we all know how you get most of your kills.

Lets all hold hands and yell what ifs at each other. calling a gun that fires bullets lame is never the same lame level as 203 from across the map. scrubs use 203's if they didn't why are they banned in almost every single competitive gaming site on the planet and tournaments.

Shotgun_Roamer3300d ago

Woah woah woah there, how can we forget the FAMAS, M16, or the M21 EBR? Those are even more OP'd. The barrett is the least of my concerns, which, are realy non-exsistant cuz i really don't care.

UnwanteDreamz3300d ago


What are you 14? No wonder you suck. A good player finds a way to own regardless. I never use weapons regarded as cheap or noobish but for some reason I don't have to. I also don't have to b*tch and moan cause some kid got an easy kill off of me.

BlackTar1873300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

i accept your challenge what system do you game on?
Ps3 Blacktar
360 Thizzwshngtn

look them up or better yet if you have a clan send some clan challenges to Invidious Tactics.

MLG or GB which are partnered so basically the same thing now.

No where did i say i dont win or kill regardless but i guess someone who defends GL would make assumptions like that. Why dont you strap up your boots and come play with me and my clan and see how far you get with crap talkign i can back it up.

Whats your name ill check your KDR and Win and Accuracy and we will see who's is better.

Do you have a clan whats its name i would love to look it up

I got it UnwanteDreams

ill send you a friend inv when i get home from work you can accept it if you want but you better have some ungodly stats like over a 2.3 kdr to be talking all this. and im the last in my clan with a 2.3 kdr most have 3's and 4's.

It may sound liek i take this to serious but im really not if you use a 203 as a main source for a bunch of your kills then thats fine. But if you do it every now and then for fun im all for that as well i haven't yet but that doesn't mean i wont sometime. but to defend it is what im pissed at admit you do it and say hey its the easiest way to kill someone and its in the game i can accept that but anything else is laughable.

I sound worked up but im not but i still would ove to see this awe inspiring skill that unwanted seems to have if anything i can get better playing against the second coming who can read minds and who knows what else. I cant wait

Hideo_Kojima3300d ago

Seriously why do you care if others use noob guns when you can own them anyway?

IMO if a gun is in the game and you don't like
people who use that gun you can't ask them not to
or even complain. The game was made with that gun
in mind so if you hate it that much go find a game
that doesn't have noobtubes.

Complaining about what guns people use is so cheap.
I could complain about snipers and how twitching (quick scope)
gives better accuracy which sounds a lot more retarded
then having grenade launcher attachments.

My advice to you.
If it hurts you so much because others use noobtubes
beat them or join them and get over yourself.

JeffGUNZ3300d ago

Wow dude, that was the most nerdiest post I have ever read.

sikbeta3300d ago

I'm clueless here, so much tactics, just use the weapon you have, blast everything that put on your way, reload and move on,

Good strategy XD

ASSASSYN 36o3299d ago

tar baby...get a life kid.

shawnsl653299d ago

tarbaby wants a lollipop? :'(

UnwanteDreamz3299d ago

I am so sorry I missed this rant. I was speaking from a general standpoint in regards to noob weapons. You think MW2s noobtube is the first to have this said about it?

I can see you play lots of MW2 I myself haven't even played the title online. I never challenged you to do anything other than quit crying about it. You yourself say you don't need it to get kills and you don't lose to people who use it.

So whats the problem?

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