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Can the PSP handle this Spartan The God of War series has always had a touchy relationship with the concept of time, using it to both save Kratos and kill those around him, create memorable flashback cut-scenes, and even help finish off God of War II in a glorious Back to the Future-style moment. So for God of War: Chains of Olympus -- an original game headed to the PlayStation Portable -- it's only natural that the developers mine Kratos' timeline once again. Here they're jumping back to the early days before the first game took place, during the 10-year period when Mr. Clean was in service to the gods of Olympus and visiting places like Hades and even Tartarus.

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Firewire4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Awesome! I can't wait! Kratos rulz!

Not a bad thing at all!
If Kratos & Nariko had a kid together, what would its name be? (if a boy or girl) and how kick as* would he/she be. These are the real questions in life! lol!

quiddd4209d ago

Kratos to Nariko.........

My question is......Is that a bad thing?

Cartesian3D4209d ago

they already have a child..

guess who..