WorthPlaying: We Cheer 2 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "When Namco Bandai announced it would release We Cheer to the Nintendo Wii last year, people didn't know what to think. Up until that point, a cheerleading game had never been done on any console, mostly because there wasn't any interest for one. Most male gamers weren't fans due to the subject matter, and female gamers sighed because it sounded like another game intended for them but aiming for profits instead of fun. Those who saw gameplay videos wondered if the control scheme would work since most Wii games hadn't really mastered motion controls at the time. In the end, Namco Bandai had the last laugh because the game controlled well and was lots of fun. With success at hand, the development team not only set out to make the Japanese port of the game (it was originally developed only for the American market) but the sequel as well. The result is We Cheer 2, a game that refines the original formula and ends up being a better title overall."

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