Game Vortex: Rescue Razzle Review

Game Vortex writes: "Rescue Razzle is an amusing physics-based puzzle game that will offer quite a nice distraction, and at $0.99, the fact that it only offers a couple hours of enjoyment is perfectly fine.

The visual design of Rescue Razzle is simple enough. Razzle is a little rat in a cage stacked on top of simple wooden crates in various patterns. The only other aspect to the game's graphics are the few backgrounds where the game places Razzle's precariously balanced pile. These settings include a flooded warehouse, a garage, a library and a couple of other locations. There isn't really thing special about these backgrounds; they pretty much give the eye a little something extra to look at while trying to figure out the exact order to remove creates. They do at least give you excuses for why Razzle's cage can't hit the ground. This is typically because of water or rat traps along the lowest level of the screen."

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