BeefJack: God Of War III: Hands On Impressions

BeefJack recently got hands-on time with God of War III. Here are our impressions of what will surely be one of the PS3's biggest games of 2010.

The demo I played was the same one Sony have been showing for several months and involves everybody's favourite Spartan Ghost following a titan as it crashes its way through a city. There are no story spoilers as the demo barely has an opening cut scene, instead it drops you straight into the action.

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Dipso3304d ago

Please tell me this was written by one of the following

A: A twelve year old

B: Someone under the influence

or C: A non native English speaker


Halfofme3303d ago

I think it was wrote by "ur mum". No idea who that is though.

shazui1233303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

rofl, really witty/s
but I get what you guys are saying, that article's pretty spack: "and the eye looks shiny shockingly realistic."
GOW3 a strong goty contender, IMO its number 2 to the most likely GOTY, Gran Turismo 5, maybe the Last guardian too, not sure about that yet.

Cyrus3653303d ago

Can't wait for this game...